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Welcome to Bari

The chief town of Apulia, the “heel” of the boot-shaped Italy, an incredible region that has so much to offer to whoever wants to experience a stay in there: charming locations, crystaline waters, incredible culinary goodies and a curious musical accent in its beautiful dialect.

Divided into the Old and the New Town, Bari is made truly unique by the coexistence among the medieval scent, the colorful markets and the lively city life.

Moreover, the Bari is a getaway to the Adriatic Sea, standing right in front of the Greek Islands. The beach life and all the celebrations and festivals, therefore, add to Bari the finishing touch, giving it a unique flair that makes this city the perfect place to live in for students and young workers.

Housing guide

Are you ready to enjoy this experience? Your adventure is about to begin... but first, do not forget to plan all the details.

We strongly think that every young international should experience a semester or year abroad at least once in life, but getting settled is not that easy. There are some things you should think about, some details that could influence the entire stay.

Here we are to support and help you to make this process easier!

1st Step Keep in mind


When it comes to start a new adventure, the budget is the first thing to plan. This might be a little annoying because you will realise if you can start your experience abroad, the area you can live, the type of housing solution you could choose. When you deal with the budget you also have to think about the cost of the room or flat, the cost of living (flat bills, living expenses such as grocery, food, etc.), the public transport and many other details.


Which is the perfect time to get your accommodation? Your flat hunting can be an “early bird” one or a last minute booking. 

  1. The “early bird” strategy is for the ones who always plan carefully and on time: you, guys,  should searching for your accommodation at least 4 months in advance, in order to get the best housing option. The only thing to keep in mind is that you might possibly have to pay the rent even for the moths before your arrival, to make sure you get the place.
  2. If you would rather take your time and relax, then your flat hunting can start one month before the arrival. Since our cities are lively and dynamic, it won’t be that hard for you to find a room or an apartment. The only cons is that a last minute booking doesn’t help with finding the perfect and ideal place.  

Area, transportation and closeness to workplace or university

If you are looking for lively neighbourhoods, then we suggest you to live in the central areas of the city. Having a room in the centre of Bari has so many pros: you’ll be close to the coastline, the main train station, you’ll enjoy monuments and cultural points, shopping routes, many dining spots and you’ll be close to all the comforts. The noise might be the only little annoying detail, that’s why we suggest you a non-touristy neighbourhood, if you prefer avoiding crowded places.

Moreover, other things to consider when it comes to choosing the neighbourhood: the transportation, the closeness to your university or workplace, to supermarkets and anything else you need!

2nd Step Types of student housing in Bari

Student Residence

If you prefer having many services and an housing experience that mostly looks like living in a hotel, then you should choose a student residence. You will enjoy many services (such as the restaurant or the laundry) but it’s probably one of the least cheap available options.


The new trend for housing: people live in communities, sharing values, interests and way more than just a flat. They share huge common spaces in the entire building, creating a big family.

3rd Step Details

Interior / Exterior

The cost of the rooms for rent generally changes also depending on the location: some flats provide tenants with both exterior and interior rooms. If you are looking for a bright room, than the exterior ones are the best pick (and you could also enjoy a beautiful view on the street), but if you’d rather live in a quiet and peaceful accommodation, our tip is to choose an interior room.


Who doesn’t want to live in a well furnished and cosy flat?

During your flat hunting, you’ll run into different types of accommodation: from totally empty spaces to fully equipped ones.

At helpHousing, we provide our clients with stylish and all furnished rooms and flats.


The point is not just choosing where to live in Bari, you should also think about other details: to rent a room or a flat that will make your life easy! Living alone means you have to manage on your own some new issues such as: door locks, the boiler or the bathroom pipes...and many others. Being a foreigner in Italy means that you could also have some language misunderstandings, or it can be a problem to get to know how much the service costs.

We daily put a lot of effort in our customer care service, that’s why the maintenance is included for free in our offer, so that our clients have nothing to worry about.


Have you already thought about the bills? You have to know that many of the housing solutions exclude costs from the basic price of the room or apartment. Whatever you are going to pick, do not forget that managing expenses and costs is easier with us: you have your own online account where we keep you informed about everything.

Student housing in the best neigbourhoods in Bari

Each neighbourhood has unique features and something special, its own traditions, history and original traits. Find the best places where to live in Bari:

Historic centre

Welcome to Città Vecchia (Old City), the historical heart of Bari, a little and beautiful corner in the city, where to admire some incredible cultural sights.

Housing in Historic centre


The perfect place for young international students who wish to live in a lively and vibrant area.

Housing in Ateneo


This lovely area is characterize by a unique Liberty style boasted all along the streets, till the beautiful seafront.

Housing in Tribunale

Murat - Umbertino - Central Station

Murat as the name of Gioacchino Murat, Napoleone’s relative, the founder of the neighbourhood. This is one of the newest areas (and a shopping hub) in the city.

Housing in Murat - Umbertino - Central Station

Policlinico - Poggiofranco

The middle-class neighbourhood, one of the richest neighbourhoods, home to loads of hotels, modern buildings and green areas.

Housing in Policlinico - Poggiofranco

Japigia - Torre a Mare

Welcome in one of the most beautiful areas of the city, meeting point of the baresi - the local folks - and a site rich of history, right by the coastline.

Housing in Japigia - Torre a Mare

San Pasquale

Narrow streets, coloured buildings, markets and artisanal ateliers: San Pasquale is one of a kind; one of the best neighbourhoods to find a room in Bari.

Housing in San Pasquale

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Enjoy living in Bari!