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Welcome to Madrid

Modern, international and cosmopolitan, Madrid is one of the favourite cities for students and young workers where to have an academic experience abroad or an international career.
Located in the exact geographical centre of the country, it also is a hub which connects perfectly with the main Spanish cities with any kind of transportation. This makes easier for you to go exploring Spain in such a quick and simple way.
Madrid is plenty of interesting entertainment: cultural activities and amusement attractions fill up days and nights all year round, making the city a unique place to visit and to live in.

Housing guide

Ready to take off! Your experience is about to begin… but, wait! Have you really thought about anything?

Living abroad is an amazing thing that everyone should try at least once in life, but there are some decisions to keep in mind that could affect the entire experience.
Here we are to help and support you in order to make this process smoother.

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1st Step Keep in mind


First, you need to define a budget. This might be the most annoying part, because you will realise if you can start your life abroad, where you can live, the type of accommodation you can afford. When you deal with finances you have to take into account: price of the room or flat, cost of living (flat expenses, living expenses such as food, drinks, etc.), price of public transports and cost of flights.


Which is the right moment to get your accommodation? There are two strategies: the early bird hunting or the last minute booking. 

  1. If you are a careful planner, we suggest you to start your hunting at least 4 months before. It might be stressful but this is how you'll get the best accommodation. The cons is that you may have to pay the rent even for the short term before your arrival, in order to ensure you the stay there.
  2. If you are a free soul that would rather take life easy, you can relax and start your flat hunting in Madrid one month before. Our cities are dynamic, people easily come and leave, therefore you will find a last-minute accommodation. But be careful, you will have less chances to find what you are looking for.

Area, transportation and closeness to workplace or university

If you are seeking vibrant and lively areas where to stay, then we suggest you to live in the city center. There are so many pros about that: shopping routes, uncountable dining spots, the nightlife and the closeness of all the comforts. The cons is that you might hear many noises. That’s why we suggest you quiet and relaxed neighbourhoods, a few steps out from the center, if you can’t deal with the crowded places!  

But first, the couple things to keep in mind when choosing the area are the transportation, the closeness to your workplace or university and that you have easy access to supermarkets and anything else you need!

2nd Step Types of student housing in Madrid

3rd Step Details

Interior / Exterior

The room’s price may change depending on where it is located: some flats have both exterior and interior rooms. The first ones are brighter and may have a nice view on the street. Anyway, if you want to avoid any kind of noise, then an interior room is the best choice.


Who doesn’t love to live in a cosy and well equipped flat?

While hunting your new accommodation, you will encounter several types: from completely empty spaces to the totally furnished ones.

At helpHousing, our apartments are modern and well equipped and our rooms have the basic furniture you need. 


Customers first. Don’t you agree? When it comes to choose where to live in Madrid, make sure you decide to rent a room or a flat that won’t cause you problems. The issues you can deal with can be about the bathroom pipes, the boiler, the door lock and many others. Being in a foreign country means that you could have language misunderstandings, or you might have problems to know how much is the cost of the service.

We care about our tenants, that's why maintenance is included in our services. Our clients have nothing to worry about.


Another important thing you should evaluate is whether or not having costs included. You have to know that in Madrid, most of the housing solutions don’t include costs. Whatever you are going to choose, do not forget that the bills and expenses management is easier with us: you have your own online account, where we inform you about everything.

Accommodation in the best neigbourhoods in Madrid

Each neighbourhood in Madrid is special and has its own history, habits and traditions. Discover the best places where to live in Madrid if you are a student.

Sol - Gran Vía

Welcome to the epicenter of Madrid, heart of the touristic, cultural and entertainment life.

Housing in Sol - Gran Via

Los Austrias

The historical and monumental neighbourhood, once inhabited by the Royal Family.

Housing in Los Austrias


A young and cosmopolitan neighbourhood, where la Movida comes to life with trendy bars and hipster cafés.

Housing in Malasaña


The heart and cradle of the LGBTQ community of Madrid, filled with beautiful art galleries and lovely terraces.

Housing in Chueca


Madrid’s most exclusive area, home to museums and loads of fancy restaurants.

Housing in Salamanca


One of the best areas in Madrid, where you can enjoy the magic of the popular Retiro Park.

Housing in Retiro

Moncloa - Princesa

An impressive and elegant neighbourhood, characterised by amazing viewpoints over Madrid, hotel, parks and an active university social life.

Housing in Moncloa - Princesa

La Latina

Keywords: fun and tradition. La Latina is characterised by old medieval streets broken up by huge markets, nice bars and rooftops.

Housing in La Latina


A fashionable area for dining out that keeps both classy style and traditional vibes.

Housing in Chamberí


Multicultural and artsy, this is the melting pot of so many different ethnic identities, attracting young people in its lively streets and events.

Housing in Lavapiés


Close to the Manzanares river, this area is all about artistic expressions, green spaces, cultural centers, museums and important stations.

Housing in Arganzuela


Close to the biggest universities in Madrid, this area is inhabited mostly by students and also locals, since is far from the crowd, but still central.

Housing in Argüelles

Madrid Río

This is a huge cultural and recreational area where to get in contact with the nature and spend quality time.

Housing in Madrid Río


Located in the north of Madrid, Tetuán is a quiet place, far from the touristic crowd of the city center, but still enriched with shopping malls and many activities.

Housing in Tetuán


Over the last years, this neighborhood became one of the coolest in Madrid. Full of markets, bars and unique venues, it is ready to welcome you in a great style!

Housing in Embajadores

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