Student housing in Florence.

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Welcome to Florence

The chief town of Tuscany, an amazing region characterised by a spectacular culture, a unique culinary tradition and a beautiful dialect.

Florence, cradle of the Italian Renaissance, is a charming and enchanting city that continues to amaze students and young workers coming here to start an academic experience abroad or an international career.

Its hundreds artistic masterpieces and suggestive architectures make Florence one of the leading cities of the italian and european culture.

Beside the marvelous churches and buildings, this city has a lively side that will surprise you: loads of entertainment activities, markets, concerts, cultural sightseeing, parties and many more events that make this city the perfect place to live in for students and young workers.

Housing Guide

Are you ready to leave? Your adventure is about to begin... but, wait! Have you
really thought about anything?
A semester or year abroad is an amazing thing that every young international
should experience at least once in life, but there are some issues to keep in mind
that could influence the entire stay.
Here we are to support and help you to make this process smoother!

1st Step Keep in mind


First, you have to decide your budget. This might need a little effort and patience: it can be a little annoying finding out if you can afford your experience abroad, where you can live, the type of housing solution you could choose. When you deal with the budget you have to consider: cost of the room or flat, cost of living (flat bills, living expenses such as grocery, food, etc.), the public transport and many other details.


Which is the perfect time to get your accommodation? Your flat hunting can be an early one or  a last minute booking. 

  1. If you are used to carefully plan all the details, then it’s better to start looking for your accommodation at least 4 months in advance, so that you’ll get the best housing option. But we warn you that you will probably have to pay the rent even for the short period before your arrival, to make sure you get the place.
  2. If you prefer taking your time, just relax and start your research one month before the arrival. Our cities are lively, dynamic and people often move, consequently you will be able to find an accommodation. But you should know that at that point, you may find difficulties to find the ideal place. 

Area, transportation and closeness to workplace or university

If you are looking for dynamic neighbourhoods, then we suggest you to live in the central areas of the city. There are so many great things about that: monuments and cultural points, shopping routes, many dining spots and the pros of being close to all the comforts. But don’t forget about the noise, that’s why we suggest you a non-touristy neighbourhood, if you are a calm and quiet person that would rather avoid crowded places! 

Furthermore, other things you should keep in mind while you’re choosing the area: the transportation, the closeness to your university or workplace, to supermarkets and anything else you need!

2nd Step Types of student housing in Florence

3rd Step Details

Interior / Exterior

The price of the rooms for rent in Florence generally varies also depending on the location: many flats have both exterior and interior rooms. If you seek a bright room, than the exterior ones are the best choice (and they may also have a beautiful view on the street), but if you’d rather live in a quiet and peaceful accommodation, our suggestion is to pick interior.


Everyone loves living in a well furnished and cosy flat! 

While you are looking for your new accommodation, there will be several types: from totally empty spaces to the completely equipped ones.

The flats of helpHousing are stylish and all furnished and our rooms have everything you need.


While choosing the housing solution where to live in Florence, you should be careful: rent a room or a flat that won’t cause you many issues! The problems you could encounter are: issues about the door locks, the boiler or the bathroom pipes...and many others. Being a foreigner in Italy means that you could also have some language misunderstandings, or you might run into difficulties to know how much is the cost of the service.

We strive for our customer care, that’s why the maintenance is included for free in the services we offer, so that our clients have nothing to worry about.


One more important thing you should think about is the inclusion of the costs in your room rental budget. Many of the housing solutions exclude costs from the basic price of the room or apartment. Whatever you are going to choose, remember that managing expenses and bills is easier with us: you have your own online account where we keep you informed about everything.

Student housing in the best neigbourhoods in Florence

Each neighbourhood has something unique and special, its own traditions, history and original traits. Find the best places where to live in Florence:

Santa Maria Novella

Part of the Historical Centre area (District 1), this neighbourhood is located in the north-west side, a strategic point thanks to the city main station.

Housing in Santa Maria Novella

San Giovanni

Part of the area in the Historical Centre (District 1), San Giovanni neighbourhood is the soul of the charming historical and cultural side of the city.

Housing in San Giovanni

Santa Croce

You will find the best things to do in the city centre. Located in the Historical Centre area (District 1), the neighbourhood is home to the way popular square: Piazza Santa Croce, in whose church there are the crypts of brilliant minds like Michelangelo, Galileo and many others.

Housing in Santa Croce

Campo di Marte

This is the District 2, built in 1812 as a place where to train Napoleon’s army. Today, Campo di Marte is one of the major sport center, where is located the Fiorentina football stadium.

Housing in Campo di Marte


The neighborhood, located in the north-west of Florence, is a beautiful and vibrant area that boasts a great quality of life.

Housing in Novoli

Santo Spirito

Part of the Historical Centre area (District 1), Santo Spirito neighbourhood is the best area in Florence for restaurants, markets and events. Moreover there are the most famous gardens.

Housing in Santo Spirito

Gavignana - Galluzzo

Part of the District 3 of Florence, Gavignana-Galluzzo once was an autonomous area that became later on part of the city, enriching it with great villas and a beautiful Certosa monastery.

Housing in Gavignana - Galluzzo

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Enjoy living in Florence!