About us.

Since 2010, we are a landmark in the housing services market for international students and young workers and we drive safe and reliable real estate performance for landlords and investors.

Ethics Code


Providing international students and young workers with quality housing solutions and assistance is our daily effort, while we drive a safe and reliable real estate performance for landlords and investors.


We want to be a landmark in the housing services market. An innovative enterprise that keeps growing internationally, always captivating the new trends, offering high quality solutions and creating a unique experience for our clients.



We believe that quality is a synonym for trust, that’s why we work hard everyday to keep the best quality in all our rooms, apartments and services, for a unique experience.


We care about the relationship with our landlords and customers, by always being close and affordable and taking care of their needs, to ensure that they have nothing to worry about.

Sense of community

Communication is the basis for a good relationship with our landlords and customers. We create a sense of community that makes our brand image stronger and that helps us to keep offering the best quality in our housing services, both rooms and shared flats for students and young workers.


We know that ethics are a fundamental aspect nowadays, that’s why we first put transparency and clarity in our contracts and services. At helpHousing, we always inform exhaustively our landlords and customers, solving the doubts they have.

Our history

helpHousing was founded in Madrid in 2010 and named helpAccommodation. Our quick expansion led us to take over, in a few years, two important Spanish cities such as Valencia and Barcelona, and also some Italian gems: Florence, Bari and Milan. We kept growing and getting always more international, building a big community that let our stakeholders live a unique journey through our cities.



was founded in Madrid

+100 rooms



New areas in Madrid:

Salamanca and Retiro.

+300 rooms

Opening in Florence
Opening in Barcelona



+450 rooms

Opening in Bari

+700 rooms

Opening in Valencia



+1000 rooms

Opening in Milan


We introduce you helpHousing.
One brand, many places.

helpHousing team

At helpHousing, we are committed to Cultural Diversity. We are part of the DIVEM project by Accem, funded by Ministerio de Inclusión, Seguridad Social y Migraciones and European Union. Our corporate culture welcomes all people regardless of origin, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. This creates a diverse and inclusive work environment, where all the differences are not only respected and accepted, but enhanced in order to bring creativity and innovation.