Living in Madrid.

Many services, tips and useful information for an easy life in the city. Enjoy Madrid!

Important telephone numbers


Emergency (all services): 112

Spanish national police: 091

Local police: 092

Fire brigade: 080

24h Pharmacy and yellow pages: 089

Useful contacts

To report robbery:
+34 902 102 112
or go to the closest police station

Lost & Found office:
+34 91 527 95 90 (Metro Legazpi)

To help injured animals:
+34 914 801 957 (Medio Ambiente)

Find student housing in Madrid

Every place inside the M-30 (the road surrounding the city) is a good housing solution.

Finding an accommodation in Madrid can be difficult, mainly depending on the season. September is quite a tough month, because all the students and young workers land in town and start looking for a housing option. Many of them can even begin the research during summer in order to make sure they have the ideal room or flat.


Travels and activities by Citylife Madrid

Madrid is a vibrant city that fills up your days and nights with uncountable fun things!

Citylife Madrid, the most popular entertainment company in town, will make you experience Spain at the fullest.

If you are looking for exciting cultural experiences, travels, internships or you just would like to meet new people from around the world, consider Citylife Madrid your friend here in Madrid!

Here are some of the services they offer:


1 - Free Welcome to Madrid guide and pack: to help you getting settled in the city.

2 - Weekly Activities Agenda: all kinds of social and cultural activities (international language exchange, salsa classes, cooking classes, shows and much more!) 

3 - Citylife Madrid trips will take you on adventures you’ll never forget. Meet new people, try new things and truly experience Spain!

4 - Discounts on many services such as gym, attraction parks, shops and online shopping and many more activities.

5 - Learning Spanish: discounts on language courses, private classes, tutoring, free language exchange.

6 - Nightlife Madrid: they offer you the best international parties in Madrid, the city that never sleeps! 

Apply for your NIE/TIE

Are you ready to live in Madrid and begin an amazing adventure? We can’t wait to welcome you here, but first, you need to know how to get legal in Spain.

Here we collected some information about the application for the NIE and the TIE, the documents you need if you are preparing to reside in Spain. 

Get a look here and collect all the information to apply for your documents and get legal in Spain.

Move around while living in Madrid

Keep in mind that you have to choose wisely the location of your housing in Madrid; it has to stay close to bus or metro stops, in order to avoid any waste of time in your daily life. Madrid has such a great public transport connection!

Instagram... Join the community!

It may look obvious, but we strongly suggest you to start joining communities of young internationals in Madrid: it’s important to get in touch with many people before the arrival, collect many interesting and useful information about the city and to get the most out of the daily life in Madrid.

Look for keywords such as “Erasmus in Madrid” or “Expats in Madrid” on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to find other tenants or your future flatmates! 

Are you looking for Sports or Language Exchange get-togethers, for friends to travel & experience Spain together, or you are simply interested in partying and meeting young fellow internationals to make some new friends? If the answer is "yes", then check out the many WhatsApp & Facebook groups that Citylife si offering to incoming internationals

Get a Spanish SIM card

Once you are in Madrid, don’t stop sharing your experience with all your friends and family! Before arriving here, you should check if your cell phone plan is valid in Spain. If you’re coming from a European Country, it will probably work, but your data will be way more reduced. If you’re from a Non-EU Country, you will need a new sim card.

If you like a prepaid sim card, we recommend you Lycamobile, they have super low fares. However, if you prefer to have a contract, there are several options: Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo, etc. Just check them all and find the best for you!

Read everything there is to know about the best Spanish SIM card deals for young internationals.

Come visit us at the office - in Calle Gran Vía 22, duplicado, 2D - and we will glad to help you to get your Spanish sim card.

Open a Spanish bank account

What about managing the expenses in an easier way? We recommend to people with a different currency from Euro, to open a Spanish bank account. It’s an available option to both residents and non-residents in Spain. 

The documents you’ll need may vary depending if you are applying as a resident or non-resident.

Documents as a resident: 

  • A valid identification document (national ID for European members or passport);
  • A document that proves your address;
  • Your Spanish NIE (Número Identificativo de Extranjero)
  • A proof of your employment status (payslip, tax return, etc.)

Documents as a non-resident:

  • A valid identification document (national ID for European members or passport);
  • A document that proves your address;
  • A proof of your employment status (payslip, tax return, etc.)

Read everyhing there is to know about the recommended Spanish bank account for international students and expats.

Come at the office -  in Calle Gran Vía 22, duplicado, 2D - and we will help you to get your Spanish bank account!

Why live in a shared flat

Choosing the area where to live in Madrid is a very important decision, but deciding whether to share your home with someone else or not is just as, if not more, important because it will also affect your entire experience. 

You may be asking why we think a shared flat is the right choice for you. Let’s take a look here!

  • Living in a shared flat is typically cheaper than living alone. 
  • You can afford a room in the center of the city.
  • Shared flats make it very easy to meet new people, new cultures.
  • You can make lifelong friends to share unforgettable experiences with.  

We also have some tips to help you make the most out of your time while living in a student housing in Madrid.

  • Communication. 
  • Sharing is caring. 
  • Open-minded approach. 
  • Keep in touch with the people you meet. 
  • Privacy respect.