Student housing in Valencia.

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Welcome to Valencia

The third-biggest city of Spain. It is the perfect place where to find for an accommodation for students and young workers. You will enjoy Valencia life its thriving culture, the culinary tradition, such as the popular paella, and the nightlife. 

The City is made of several influences such as Moors, Christians and Romans, all reflected in its architecture and atmosphere in the old quarter. Beside this historical print, there is a modern and futuristic scene, standing next to a long and beautiful beach and surrounded by many places where to enjoy the uncountable activities the city offers.

All this and many other things make Valencia the perfect city where to look for a housing solution, chosen by many international students and young workers all around the World.

Housing guide

Are you ready to leave? Your adventure is about to begin... but, wait! Have you really planned all the details?

A semester or year abroad is an amazing thing that every young international should experience at least once in life, but there are some issues to keep in mind that could influence the whole experience.

Here we are to support and help you to make this process easier!

1st Step Keep in mind


The first step is defining a budget. This part can be kind of annoying, because you will realise if you can afford your experience abroad, where you can live, the type of housing solution you can afford. When you deal with the budget you have to think about: the price of the room or flat, the cost of living (flat bills, living expenses such as grocery, food, etc.), the public transport and many other things.


Which is the perfect moment to get your accommodation? Your research can be an early hunting or a last minute booking. 

  1. If are a careful planner, then you should start looking for your accommodation 4 months in advance, in order to get the best housing option. But you have to consider that you will probably have to pay the rent even for the the short-term before your arrival, to make sure you get the place. 
  2. If you prefer relaxing, you can chill out and start your research one month before the arrival. Our cities are lively, dynamic and people often move, consequently you will be able to find an accommodation in Valencia. But we warn you about the fact that you may find difficulties to find the ideal accommodation.

Area, transportation and closeness to workplace or university

If you are searching a lively areas where to choose your accommodation, then we suggest you to live in the central neighbourhoods of the city. There are so many positive things about that: shopping routes, many dining spots, a vibrant nightlife and the pros of being close to all the comforts. But there’s something you should keep in mind: the noise, that’s why we suggest you a non-touristy neighbourhood, if you are a calm and quiet person that prefers staying away from crowded places! 

Moreover, other things you should consider when it comes to choose the area are the transportation, the closeness to your university or workplace, to supermarkets and anything else you need!

2nd Step Types of student housing in Valencia

3rd Step Details

Interior / Exterior

The price of the room in Valencia may vary depending on its internal or external location in the flat. The exterior rooms are brighter and may have a beautiful view on the street, but we suggest you an interior room, if you prefer living in a quiet and peaceful accommodation.


Who doesn’t want to live in a well furnished and cosy flat?

During your accommodation research, you will find different types of housing solutions: from totally empty spaces to the completely equipped ones.

At helpHousing, our flats are stylish and all furnished and our rooms have everything you need.


When you are about to decide where to live, make sure you choose to rent a room or a flat that won’t give you problems! The issues you could bump into are: accidents with the bathroom pipes, the boiler, the door lock and many others. Being a foreigner in Spain means that you could have language misunderstandings, or you might encounter difficulties to know how much is service cost.

We care about our tenants, therefore maintenance is included in the services we offer, so that our clients have nothing to worry about.


Another important aspect you should think about is the inclusion of the costs in your room rental budget. You have to know that in Valencia, most of the housing solutions exclude costs from the basic cost of the room or apartment. Whatever you are going to choose, do not forget that managing bills and expenses is easier with us: you have your own online account where we keep you informed about everything.

Student housing in the best neigbourhoods in Valencia

Each neighbourhood has something different and special, its own culture and traditions. Find the best places where to live in Valencia:


Close to the Old Town, it is the most important commercial area, close to some of the main spots of the city. This neighbourhood has a grid pattern characterized by long straight streets, avenues and squared blocks, where loads of restaurants and boutiques are located.

Housing in Eixample


Originally a small village close to Valencia, this is the area where many students usually move, because of its closeness to the universities. Here you can find many nice cafes, narrow streets and markets, which make this neighbourhood charming and unique.

Housing in Benimaclet


The main hangout spot for hipsters and foodie lovers: filled with colorful cafes, modern galleries, experimental art spaces, this neighbourhood is great both to spend the day or to enjoy a lively night.

Housing in Russafa

Camins al Grau

Located between the city centre and the seaside, it is apparently one of the best places to live in. Many services and good connections, but, most of all, here you can find the popular and outstanding City of Arts and Sciences.

Housing in Camins al Grau


It is a central neighbourhood, which is home to loads of students, since was built as an extension of the old city centre: this means that provides its inhabitants with a lot of useful services!

Housing in Extramurs

El Carmen

This is an important part of the suggestive Old City (Ciutat Vella), which collects pretty cobble stoned streets, the most famous sights of Valencia, such as the Central Market and the Cathedral, and popular nightlife corners.

Housing in El Carmen

Pla del Reial

Located on the banks of the river Turia, it is one of the most elegant neighbourhoods. Particularly loved by students, this area is characterised by a young and international atmosphere.

Housing in Pla del Reial

La Saïdia

Located in the northern part of the city, this neighbourhood is filled with many green areas, restaurants, services, it’s close to the University and it has a lot of cultural points.

Housing in La Saïdia


Adorned with enchanting colorful ceramics, this area offers a taste of pure Valencian maritime life.

Housing in Cabanyal

Book now your student housing and get the best services and assistance. 

Enjoy living in Valencia!