Living in Bari.

Many services, tips and useful information for an easy life in the city. Enjoy Bari!

Useful tips

Here are some tips for living in Bari. Here we are to help you and support you to make this process easier!

Before arrival

Apply for your Schengen Visa (non EU citizens)

Apply for the documents to get legal in Italy.

Apply for you National Visa (more than 90 days stay)

Your documents for a longer stay in Italy.

Airport transfer

So many connections to arrive at our office.

During your stay

Get your Welcome pack at the office

Our gift for you to enjoy your stay.

Apply for your public transport card

Get your own public transport card.

Travels and activities

Get the most of your stay. Never stop exploring!

Important telephone numbers


Police: 113

Carabinieri: 112

Ambulance: 118

Fire brigade: 115

Coastline Guard: 1530

Emergency for the local police: + 39 080 5491331

Useful contacts

Find student housing in Bari

If you feel curious about how Bari looks like, you have to know that it’s one of the best places in Italy to study and to live in! But finding an accommodation in Italy for students can be difficult mainly depending on the season. September is quite a tough month, because all the students and young workers start seeking their housing solution (a room or an entire flat). Many of them can even begin the hunting during summer in order to make sure they have the ideal accommodation.

Apply for your VISA

Bari is going to be an amazing experience, but first, you have to know how to get legal in Italy.

Italy is a member country of the European Union (EU), and so it’s part of the Schengen Convention. As it is for the other EU Countries, the same conditions for foreigners are applied in Italy as well.

Below you'll find information about the necessary documentation to live in Bari and other places in Italy: 

Get a look here and collect all the information to apply for your documents and get legal in Italy.

Move around while living in Bari

When it comes to choose the location of your room for rent in Bari, do not forget that it’s better live close to bus and metro stops: nobody likes wasting time in the daily life.

Luckily, Bari is not such a big city, so it’s not that hard to get the most out the public transport connections!

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram... Join the community!

When you begin your flat research, before the arrival you should join the online communities of young internationals in Bari: getting in touch with many people will help you to feel closer to the new city and to put together many useful and interesting information about the life in Bari. 

Look for keywords such as “Erasmus in Bari” or “Expats in Bari” on Facebook, you can also try to join some Whatsapp groups to get in touch directly with some fellow travellers and follow us on Instagram to find other tenants or your future flatmates!

Get an Italian SIM card

When you afterwards arrive in town, we are sure you won’t stop yourself by sharing any little memory of your amazing experience with your family and all your friends! First, check whether your mobile phone plan is valid in Italy or not. If you’re member of a European Country, the sim card will work, but your data will be reduced. If you come from a Non-EU Country, you will need a new one.

There are enough cheap options you can choose, such as Vodafone, Wind, Tim, Tre, Iliad, Fastweb Mobile, etc. Just check them all and find the best for you. 

Come visit us at the office in the city center and once you get your room, we will help you with all the information you need!

Open an Italian bank account

Being in a foreign country can be easier if you already know how to face the expenses problems. Our tip for who has a different currency from Euro, to open an Italian bank account. The option is available for  both residents and non-residents in Italy. 

The documents you’ll have to bring are different if you are applying as a resident or non-resident.

Documents as a resident: 

  • A valid identification document (national ID for European members or passport);
  • Italian tax code (codice fiscale);
  • Document to certificate your residence.

Documents as a non-resident:

  • A valid identification document (national ID for European members or passport);
  • Italian tax code (codice fiscale);
  • Tax return (last payslip)

Come at the office and we will explain you how to open your bank account in Italy and click here for more information.

Why live in a shared flat

Picking the neighbourhood where to live is a major decision, but choose if it’s better to rent a room or the entire apartment is even more important, because it will affect your whole experience.

If you’re wondering about the benefits of living in a shared flat, here you have the reasons why we think it's the best option for you. Have a look below!

  1. Cost of living: renting a room is usually cheaper than having an apartment on your own. 
  2. You can afford a room in Bari city center.
  3. Shared flats helps to get to know new people and new cultures.
  4. You can make lifelong friends to share unforgettable experiences with.  

We also have some tips to help you make the most out of your time while living in a student housing, sharing a flat.

  1. Communication. 
  2. Sharing is caring. 
  3. Open-minded approach. 
  4. Keep in touch with the people you meet. 
  5. Privacy respect.