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We are specialists in housing experiences for young internationals: let's collaborate together to offer the best assistance!

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We always look for partners and enterprises that support us in our goal to offer the best services for international students and young workers.



Our reliability and the way we work are our best support, and that’s why we are within the favourite options of many websites.


Real estate

We collaborate with real estate agencies that make it possible for us to get the properties we need to keep on offering our quality services.


Universities, business schools, academies

We focus on helping students and young workers, and this is the reason why many institutions count on us to help their students.


TV, radio and newspaper

We keep growing and we are willing to always reach a wider audience. Our ambition is to be one of the first choices for students and young workers in need of our services in the cities we are in.



Since our aim is to keep on growing, we are constantly looking for investors that support us to achieve our goals.


Join us!

We offer a complete service for our students and young workers, providing them with everything they need. That’s why we look for any kind of collaboration that could be interesting for our customers.

Lifelong evolution

At helpHousing, we have been collaborating for many years with people and companies from different places around the World, and they allowed us to reach our goals: providing students and young workers with the best housing services and assistance. 

Companies that partner together offer better quality services, based on trust and and everyone’s involvement.

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A winning project

We have been working hard for many years to provide international students and young workers with a quality service that is highly rated by our customers. We are currently looking for collaborators that can help us offering our services in the main European cities, where our customers demand. We need people that have everything is necessary to make our project work, grow and improve.

What are we seeking?

Entrepreneurship and will to succeed. Commitment to a daily personal and professional improvement. Keen on being part of helpHousing community.

What do we offer?

We have everything needed since the beginning, in order to offer the quality services that our customers need: brand image, know how, management application, international partners, online and offline marketing, trade strategy and website.

Business model

We are proud of our solid and tested business model, with an almost 10 years experience that guarantees our achievement, by growth and innovation in this global market. Our strengths: growing market, quick payback, reduced risk.