Student housing in Barcelona.

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Welcome to Barcelona

The Capital city of Catalonia, located in the North-East of Spain and characterised by unique culture, traditions and language.
The city is an international hub and it’s full of opportunities. The student housing in Barcelona is truly demanded, since many young people decide to move and live here.
Barcelona is one of a kind: a city of modern art, dozen of museums and galleries, masterpieces of the greatest Spanish and European architects. Moreover, we can’t forget the 4.2 km of beautiful sandy beaches close to the city centre. All these ingredients make Barcelona the perfect place to live in for student and young workers.

Housing Guide

Are you ready to leave? Your adventure is about to start... but, wait! Have you really planned anything?

A semester or year abroad is an amazing thing that every young international should experience at least once in life, but there are some issues to keep in mind that could influence the whole stay.

Here we are to support and help you to make this process easier!

1st Step Keep in mind


The first move is defining a budget. This part might a little annoying, because you will find out if you can begin your experience abroad, where you can live, the type of housing solution you can afford. When you deal with the budget you have to consider: cost of the room or flat, cost of living (flat bills, living expenses such as grocery, food, etc.), the public transport and many other things.


Which is the perfect time to get your accommodation? Your research can be an early hunting or a last minute booking. 

  1. If you care about planning every detail, then it’s better to start looking for your accommodation 4 months in advance, in order to get the best housing option. The only thing is that you will probably have to pay the rent even for the period before your arrival, to make sure you get the place.
  2. If you prefer relaxing, you can chill out and start your research one month before the arrival. Our cities are lively, dynamic and people often move, consequently you will be able to find an accommodation in Barcelona. But we warn you about the fact that you may find difficulties to get what fits you better.

Area, transportation and closeness to workplace or university

If you are looking for young and dynamic areas for living in Barcelona, then we suggest you to live in the central neighbourhoods of the city. There are so many great things about that: shopping routes, many dining spots, a vibrant nightlife and the pros of being close to all the comforts. The only annoying thing might be the noise; that’s why we suggest you a non-touristy neighbourhood, if you are a calm and quiet person that would rather stay away from crowded places! 

Moreover, other things you should keep in mind when it comes to choose the area are the transportation, the closeness to your university or workplace, to supermarkets and anything else you need!

2nd Step Types of student housing in Barcelona

3rd Step Details

Interior / Exterior

The price of the room may vary depending on the location: many apartments have both exterior and interior rooms. The exterior ones are brighter and may have a beautiful view on the street, but if you’d rather live in a quiet and peaceful place, we suggest you an interior room.


Who doesn’t want to live in a well equipped and cosy flat?

During your new accommodation hunt, you will bump into different types: from totally empty spaces to the completely furnished ones.

At helpHousing, our flats are stylish and all furnished and our rooms have everything you need.


When it comes to decide where to live in Barcelona, make sure you choose to rent a room or a flat that won’t give you headache! The problems you could run into are: issues about the bathroom pipes, the boiler, the door lock and many others. Being a foreigner in Spain means that you could have language misunderstandings, or you might encounter difficulties to know how much is service cost.

We care about our tenants, therefore maintenance is included in the services we offer, so that our clients have nothing to worry about.


Another important aspect you should evaluate is the inclusion of the costs in your room rental budget. You have to know that in Barcelona most of the housing solutions exclude costs from the basic cost of the room or apartment. Whatever you are going to pick, remember that managing bills and expenses is easier with us: you have your own online account where we keep you informed about everything.

Student housing in the best neigbourhoods in Barcelona

Each neighbourhood has something different and special, its own culture and traditions.
Find the best places where to live in Barcelona.


A strong bohemian identity makes this neighbourhood attractive for many artists and people from all over the World. You can find here the atmosphere of a friendly village, with its organic healthy food stores, sustainable fashion boutiques and narrow streets.

Housing in Gràcia

Barri Gòtic

Welcome to the medieval neighbourhood of the Ciutat Vella district, located in the exact city centre. With its labyrinthine structure, this area is one of the most interesting and typical in Barcelona. Moreover, here you’ll find all the main attractions of the city.

Housing in Barri Gòtic

Ciutat Vella

The Old Town, the historic heart of Barcelona, where you can discover the roots of this beautiful city, while enjoying extraordinary landmarks and loads of cultural, culinary and artistic attractions.

Housing in Ciutat Vella


A totally transformed district: from the industrial style back in the 19th century to artistic spaces, showrooms and co-working spaces, that make this neighbourhood peaceful but lively at the same time.

Housing in Poblenou


One of the cutest and most exclusive neighbourhoods in the Barcelona. Originally, this area was an independent village. Despite its annexation to the beautiful city, it still preserves its original old town and all the features of a small village.

Housing in Sarrià


A very central neighbourhood in Barcelona. Ildefons Cerdá has planned it with a revolutionary idea: it dreamt of an extremely bright area. It’s been also the cradle of modernism, with some of the most famous buildings designed by Gaudì.

Housing in Eixample

El Clot

The oldest neighbourhood of the San Martí district. Despite its medieval origin, when it was a rural area close to the seaside, today you can spot here loads of new modern buildings.

Housing in El Clot

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Enjoy the city!