Hello morning! What to eat for breakfast?

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A very common mistake that many people do is skipping breakfast, the most important meal of the day. If this is a habit of yours, you should seriously consider changing it! Why? Human body works like a car that needs fuel to get started, as our body needs breakfast in order to avoid brain-fog, caused by low-blood sugar.

Kicking off the day with a rich, nutrient-full meal allows you to keep staying focused throughout the day and make better and healthy choices about food, such as avoiding those late-night snack cravings.

We will give you food inspirations about what to eat for breakfast (you can also share them with your housemates!), but first, some guidelines for a healthy behaviour in the morning:

  • Daily breakfast: no exceptions! You have to eat your morning meal every day. It helps your metabolism to work better and faster. Many researches show that the body is likely to burn more calories along the day if you have a big and nutritious breakfast.
  • Avoid sugary food: cereals are okay, but make sure to buy low-sugar and natural ones and try to drink unsweetened beverages (coffee, tea, juices, etc.)
  • Lean protein is the way: eggs, unsweetened yogurt, legumes and beans, and try to minimize the daily intake of processed meats.

In order to feel energised and satisfied, good breakfast should mix good fat, protein, and carbs enriched with fibers.

Now here we are with our tips and inspirations about what to eat for breakfast.

The best foods you can eat in the morning



They are high in protein and provide many important nutrients, such as vitamins A, D, and B12 . They also fulfill your stomach - due to the high amount of proteins, that take longer to digest - in order to help you eat fewer calories.

You can have a delicious breakfast with scrambled eggs on a toast with sliced tomato, fried eggs or with healthy pancakes.

Greek yogurt (unsweetened)

Here is a delicious, creamy and nourishing option for your breakfast. It’s more concentrated in protein and it can also help to control the fullness level, since is rich in hormones. Greek yogurt also contains many probiotics.

Which is the best topping for greek yogurt? Try to mix it with berries, fruit and some granola. It’s easy and quick to prepare. We promise you’ll love it!


High in antioxidants and deliciously nourishing, berries are the kind of topping that can’t miss in your milk or yogurt! The most popular ones are strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. They are low in sugars, but rich in fibers.


Nuts and peanut butter contain plenty of proteins and heart-healthy fats (especially the ones with fewer salt). You can put it in a bowl and mix it with berries or spread on a delicious slice of whole-grain bread.  


It can be the nourishing yet tasty ingredient of your healthy breakfast. Fruit contains potassium, fibers, vitamins and is quite low in calories. Mix it with greek yogurt, put it as a topping for your pancakes or just enjoy a rich cup of chopped fruit to have a healthy yet fulfilling breakfast.


Cereal lovers here we have another great (and way healthier) option for you: oatmeal! It’s high in fibers, since it’s made from ground oats, and minerals, giving many health benefits, such as reduced cholesterol. Moreover, oats are rich in antioxidants, which benefit heart health and make blood pressure decrease.However, oats don’t provide many proteins, that’s why you can prepare oatmeal with milk instead of water or eat it with eggs or a piece of cheese.

Whichever breakfast you choose, add some “friendship” secret ingredient to make it even tastier: share it with your roomies and enjoy!



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