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If you’re a young international living in Milan, we’re sure you’ve already eaten a lot of pizza. It’s a very common thing to eat in here but, have you tried the best pizza in Milan?

Where can I eat the best pizza in Milan?

Even though pizza is the most typical thing of Italy, you don’t find a good one in every place and you can be disappointed. Don’t worry anymore because we tell you the best restaurants in Milan! 

Places to eat pizza in Milan

Where to eat in Milan? We recommend you the following places to have an authentic experience trying the best pizza in town.

Gino Sorbillo Lievito Madre

Located near the Duomo, this is a modern space that offers pizza inspired in the Naples style. It’s known for using quality products. As it is a popular place located in an area full of tourists, we recommend you to go early to have a sit. 

Pizza AM

You can find this place near Porta Romana. They offer a small menu but they put all their effort and love on the plates, so the quality is more than amazing. Another interesting thing about this place is that they give you a glass of Prosecco while you’re waiting to get a sit. It’s especially crowded on the weekends. 


Also located near Porta Romana, this restaurant offers a wide range of super-thin flavorful pizzas. They only use organic ingredients. It’s the perfect place to go and have a relaxing lunch after walking around Milan. 

Da Zero

They offer basic pizzas (Margherita is highly recommended), but also some modern combinations such as broccoli or sausage. It may be convenient to make a reservation before going, because it’s always crowded.

Authentic Italian food: pizza styles

Italy has a very rich gastronomy, and that’s why we can taste so many different pizza styles that won’t leave anyone indifferent. Keep reading if you want to discover them, you might be in for a surprise! 

Types of Italian pizza

  • Pizza Napoletana: do you want to know the secret to a soft Neapolitan crust? They cook it in a 900º F wood-fire oven. You will be able to feel all the flavours in one bite. 
  • Pizza al Taglio: it means “by the cut”. It’s sold by the slice and you pay for the weight. It’s a very original way to eat a pizza, and  it’s perfect when you don’t have too much time to sit and eat. 
  • Pizza Siciliana: this type of pizza consist on Sicilian ingredients such as semolina, goat cheese and of course, anchovies can’t be missing!
  • Pizza a Metro: it’s a fun way of sharing a pizza with friends. It can be sized up to a meter, depending on how many people are going to share it. 
  • Calzone: it consists on folding the pizza dough over itself and it’s a very popular way to eat pizza. Just think about the melty mozzarella… delicious!  

What is a white pizza?

Now, as you can see, there’s a lot of types of Italian pizzas, and here comes another unusual type: white pizza (pizza bianca). It’s a delicious pizza but very difficult to make. It consists in covering the pizza with ricotta and mozzarella instead of tomato sauce. It’s a heavy pizza. Depending on your taste you may like it or you may find it gummy.

Differences between Italian pizza and American pizza

Pizza was created in Italy, but it quickly spread to the US. Even if it’s the same plate in both countries, they don’t cook it the same way, and we can find a lot of differences when we taste them. Also on the appearance. Some differences are:

  • The sauce: Italian pizza recipe is made of olive oil and fresh tomatoes, garlic and oregano, we all know that. Meanwhile, the American pizza has tomato sauce and it’s slow cooked. They usually make it spicy. 
  • The crust: both pizzas have a thick crust. The difference is that when you eat the Italian one it doesn’t result heavy because the dough is very light, while this doesn’t happen with the American pizza. 
  • The toppings: Italians put only one topping (or none) to the pizza, while Americans put a lot of them and very different ones. In general, american pizza has more variety. The italian pizza is more classic but with a better quality.

What is the most delicious pizza in Milan?

One of the things Milan is known for is its pizzerias. If you live in Milan or you’re planning to come, we can’t tell you what is the most delicious pizza, but you can try any of the places we recommended you in this guide and you decide by yourself. The only thing we know is that you won’t be disappointed. No matter which type of pizza you prefer or how many toppings you like on it, Milan has the best of both worlds! 

Pizza in Milan is a must do, explore and choose your favorite one!




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