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About Chueca

Chueca neighborhood owes its name to a square dedicated to Federico Chueca, a zarzuela composer. Today, it’s one of the most uniques areas of Madrid, represented by the LGBT community when they settled here in 1980. They wanted to create a new happy and respectful atmosphere, full of life and festivity. No wonder why it’s now considered as the most trendy neighborhood in Madrid. 

Why live in Chueca?

Chueca is located in the centre of Madrid, the perfect location to live close to all amenities and other interesting parts of the city. It borders on the south with Gran Vía, another central neighborhood of Madrid. It’s a multicultural area, were international students and workers will find their place and live comfortably. 

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Main spots

Chueca square

It’s the centre of Chueca, and it’s full of terraces where there’s always people having fun.

Santa Bárbara square

This large square is home to the most ancient brewery of Madrid and many other bars.

Fuencarral Street

The perfect street to go shopping, the most commercial one.

Museum of Romanticism

It’s an art museum that recreates the lifestyle of the 19th century.

San Antón Market

A big market where you can find traditional food, take away food, show cooking and a cocktail bar.

Find the perfect room for rent in Chueca

We want young internationals to have the best experience during their stay in Madrid, that’s why we provide them with rooms for rent in Chueca, one of the best housing solutions.

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What to do in Chueca

Cultural Activities

Although Chueca doesn’t have a lot of architecture to see, it has so many other things to do, plans that every young international will enjoy for sure.

  • Here there are a lot of bars with terraces and squares with shops and cafes so, as you can imagine, it’s the perfect place to eat and drink something while enjoying the cosmopolitan vibes. And if you want to try something different to eat, San Antón Market is your place. 
  • From here you can reach the Museum of Romanticism and the History Museum, two different plans but very enriching too. 
  • Another interesting thing to do in here is shopping. Among all the squares of Chueca, there are little shops with different things to buy, not only clothes, so it’s always nice to have a look at them. If you want to shop in a more commercial area, you can go to Fuencarral Street. 
  • The most distinctive thing when talking about Chueca is the LGBT community, and with this, they Gay Pride celebration that takes place every year in late June or in early July. Prepare yourself to spend a whole week dancing and drinking in the street, meeting new people and watching different shows. You have to experience it to know what we’re talking about!

Nightlife in Madrid

Chueca has an excellent nightlife, everyone is welcome here to have the best night out. 

It counts with many bars, all of them very well decorated and offering an incredible atmosphere and good drinks, of course. Some bars we recommend you to go to are El Tigre, Why Not? and Museo Chicote. 

As Chueca is a loud area, especially at night, you can find several clubs and locals. Young people usually go to Black and White, Teatro Barceló, Sala Ocho y Medio, Cuenca Club… 

There’s so many options to go out and have fun in Chueca, that every night could bring you something different. 

Public transport

This neighborhood is located in the centre of Madrid, and thanks to its great public transport you can reach other parts of the city in a short time.The main metro station, located in Chueca square is:

Chueca (L5)

There’s some other stations nearby that you can take to move around the city:

Gran Vía (L1, L5)

Tribunal (L1, L10)

Alonso Martínez (L4, L5, L10)

Banco de España (L2)