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If you’re a young international living in Valencia, we’re sure you’ve heard about the bicycle tours around the city, but have you ever done one? It’s a common way to move around, and more and more people are using bikes nowadays, as it’s healthier. You will get to see the city from another point of view, plus, it’s eco-friendly! 

Tips for bicycle tours around Valencia 

We want to give you some tips so you can enjoy cycling around Valencia, because it's becoming a very popular thing to do. There’s a lot of companies who offer bikes for rent, but it’s not the only option. 

Are you ready to explore Valencia by bike?

Our favorite service: Valenbisi

Renting a bike in Valencia is very easy, as there’s a lot of places where you can do it. Prices can vary depending on the place you rent it and the quality of the bikes. 

However, we want to recommend you our favorite option to get a bike: Valenbisi. It’s a service that provides bicycles.

How does Valenbisi work? 

You can get a long-term transport card if you’re gonna take the bike very often, or you can get a ticket and charge it to your transport card Mobilis everytime you want to use a bike. We recommend you to get the long-term transport card, it’s valid for one year for only 29.21 euros! It’s a very convenient and attractive option, especially for students and young workers that want to go to uni or work by bike, or to move around the city in general. 

How to get your bike

When you want to use a bike, approach a terminal with available bikes and follow these steps:

  1. Log with your long-term card
  2. Enter your PIN code
  3. Select the bike you want to use. Before continuing, check the conditions of the bike.
  4. Press the unlocking button on the stand of the bike. For security reasons, you have only 60 seconds to do this. 

Simple, isn’t it? 

How to return the bike

When you’re finished using the bike, look for the closest station (there’s over 275) and approach any available stand. You don’t need to leave it in the same station that you got it. Wait to hear the audio signal to leave the bike. When you hear it, it means the bike is locked and you can leave. 

If you don’t hear the signal and you leave, the count will continue and you’ll have to pay even if you weren’t using the bike.

If you have any problems during this procedure, contact the Call Center and they will help you. 

Valencia’s biking tours

Now that you know about the options you have to get a bike, you’re ready to go! There’s a lot of things to see in here, so where to start? Don’t worry about this. There’s a lot of bicycle tours in Valencia, and you can either plan one with your friends, or you can have a look at the following cycling tours of Valencia we recommend you to do.

You should get a look to a Valencia map to get an idea of all the places where you can ride and the possible paths you can take. In Valencia there’s a great network of cycle paths which connects all the neighborhoods, and there’s also ciclocalles, bike-priority streets. Valencia bike paths are very popular not only among the local people but also the tourists. 

Best tours and places to cycle in Valencia

We tell you some interesting bike tours to do in Valencia. 

  • The Turia Gardens: this tour it starts in the City of Arts and Sciences and it finishes in Bioparc. You will be able to see bridges, gardens and ponds. You have 8 km to ride with your bike, so maybe you won’t be able to see it all, but you can have a relaxed ride until you get tired. 

  • Centro Histórico: this tour is designed so you can see the centrical streets and sights of Valencia. You will ride through the Turia Gardens, the port, the City of Arts and Sciences… You can link this route with another one to see the Micalet, the basilica, the city hall and a lot of squares of the city centre. A very pleasant tour to do.  

  • Sierra del Garbí: a nature route that will take you to the top of the Garbi Sierra. It combines bike paths with roads, but there’s never much traffic. It’s not an easy route but it’s worth it, because when you make it to the top there’s a viewpoint with amazing sights of the city. There’s also a place with a fountain to rest, as it’s a long tour. 
  • Parque fluvial del Turia: it starts in Bioparc and ends in Vilamarxant. It’s a great tour to do on the weekend. If you stop in the riverside park you will see a lot of people with their bikes enjoying their time. You will also admire the riverside wood and the final part of the Turia river. 
  • Albufera: this is a tour in the southern part of the city. It takes you to the Albufera park and it’s lake. If you enjoy nature, this is the perfect route for you. You can also stop to eat in a village called El Saler, where you will taste a wonderful paella. 
  • Playa de la Malvarrosa: a long maritime walk where you will be able to see the stunning beaches of Patacona and Malvarrosa. It has a vibrant atmosphere with a lot of bars and terraces. You can also visit by bike the neighborhood of Cabanyal. It’s the perfect tour for the sunny days. 
  • Via Xurra: with this tour you can see the northern part of the city, also known as Horta Nord, because it’s an area with a lot of villages full of orchards. A very nice relaxing tour.

You no longer have any excuse to discover new places in this bike-friendly city!


See you soon

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