Rooms for students in Valencia.

When you are an international student about to move to Valencia, finding the perfect accommodation is essential. At helpHousing we provide young internationals with rooms for students in Valencia and assistance before the arrival and throughout their stay in the city, in order to make their student housing experience in Valencia satisfactory. 

If you want to live in Valencia, city of museums, restaurants and beaches, and you are a student, you should consider renting a room. 

It’s the perfect city for students, its rich culture and culinary traditions will surprise you.

If you are a student, renting a room is a great option, because there’s no better way of being independent and growing as a person. No matter if the room is in a shared flat or a residence, you will meet new people and make friends from all over the world. 

Moving to Valencia? Find the perfect room for students in Valencia

Valencia is the third biggest city of Spain, which means there’s a lot of students living here and a lot more searching for renting a room. 

The first and most important thing you should consider when renting a room is the location. 

We recommend you these neighborhoods:

  • Eixample: it’s close to the Old Town and full of restaurants and boutiques, so it has the perfect atmosphere for young students. 
  • Benimaclet: if you want to live close to your university this is the perfect area for you. It’s a small neighborhood but very unique. 
  • Russafa: probably the most famous neighborhood where the students choose to live. Quiet during the day but it comes to live at nights. It’s an affordable neighborhood and you will reach the university area in only 15 mins. 
  • El Carmen: it’s a very beautiful place to live because it has some of the most amazing sights of Valencia. This isn’t a quiet neighborhood. 
  • Extramurs: it’s a central residential neighborhood so you will find a lot of renting rooms for students. They make the best spanish omelette here, if you like the Spanish food, consider this area as your new home. 
  • Camins al Grau: where you can find the popular City of Arts and Sciences. Here, the city centre mixes with the seaside. Wouldn’t it be ideal to live here?

These are only some examples, but there’s more of them: Pla del Reial, La Saïdia, Cabanyal...

A guide to renting your first room

If you are moving to Valencia and it’s your first time renting a room, don’t worry because despite all the things you have to pay attention to, it’s not a hard procedure. 

If you follow the following steps you will find a room without any problem: 

  • Learn about Valencia: you’re moving to another country with a different culture but most importantly, with a different language, the Spanish. They also have their own dialect, the Valencian. Learn some words and practice! Before renting a room, learn about the city, the traditions, the locals, the weather…  That way you won’t be a completely stranger to Valencia when you arrive.  
  • Cost of living: this is practical information you have to search for  if you want to organize the money you want to spend on the rent. Find out about the cost of public transportation, the restaurants, the pubs… this will help you a lot. You’re lucky because Valencia is among the most affordable cities of Spain.
  • Location: depending on what you want you can choose one neighborhood or another. This is something you have to be sure at the moment of renting a room. We’re talking about your home for the next months so don’t settle with something you aren’t really sure about. 
  • Type of room: as in every city, in Valencia you can choose from a single room, a shared room, an individual room in a shared flat, a room in a student residence and a studio. If you want to make friends and you are an open person you might want to rent a room in a shared flat or in a residence. However, if you want more independence and time for you, you have the option to rent a studio. Take your time to decide this.  
  • Documentation: be aware of the documents you will need to prepare when moving to Valencia, such as a copy of your passport, your bank statements, etc… this is mandatory if you want to get a phone number or to open a bank account in Spain.

This is a quick guide to everything you need  if you are a student and you want a room for rent in Valencia. It may seem there’s a lot of things to do to be prepared, but it’s actually not that big of a deal.

When should you start looking for student rooms?

As we said before, Valencia is a big city and hosts more students than you can imagine. What does that mean? It means that a lot of young students will be looking for a room to rent in Valencia at the exact time as you. But don’t panic, you will find the perfect room for you. 

The best you can do is start looking a few months before arriving to the city. Nowadays we can find everything online, so don’t wait too much to start doing it. Renting a room is a long procedure and you may have doubts eventually, so it’s better if you solve them in advance. Don’t leave anything to the last minute! 

Don’t worry if you think it’s too early to start looking, it’s not. You can get an idea of which rooms are available and which neighborhoods are the most requested by other students. 

Another option is to travel to Valencia some weeks before you want to move in. A lot of students opt to do this to make sure they find what they are looking for without taking any risks. It’s a good way because you can visit the rooms in person to decide later which one you want. You can also have a walk around the area and check if there’s public transportation close to your future home. If you search them online you will have to put all your trust on it, and sometimes things don’t go as planned.

If you want to live in an area full of students, which is the best to make friends and socialize, start looking in advance because, as you can imagine, a lot of students will want to rent a room there too. 

No matter what you decide you just have to be very careful and don’t rush into anything. Don’t stress out if you don’t find anything the early days of your search, just keep searching. Valencia is a very welcoming city with foreign students!

Rooms for students in Valencia: what to keep in mind

Whether you choose to live in a room in a shared flat, in a residence, or in a studio there’s some things you have to keep in mind before taking the step of renting a room. 

Here we list you some of the aspects to consider.

Before you arrive in Valencia:

  • The contract: make sure you understand everything written in the contract, and if you have any doubts, ask them as soon as possible. Do not sign it if there’s something that you don’t agree with or if the conditions aren’t the same that you saw on the announcement. 
  • Does the room really exist?: this is the first thing you should check considering you live in another country. Some announcements on the Internet can seem very attractive, but are they even real? There’s a lot of scammers out there, in order to avoid them check every detail. A warning sign is when they ask you to send money in advance, never do that!
  • Budget: fix the maximum budget for the rent of your room. Check the most affordable locations in Valencia and consider them as your first option. The more you save on the rent, the more you have to do things and enjoy your stay in the city. As you are a student you don’t want to spend all your money on the rent for the room.
  • Furnished or not: this goes along with your budget. It’s better if you rent a furnished room with all the basic furniture. If not, you will spend a lot of money and time on buying new furniture. The same happens with the costs, if they are included you will save more money. If the costs aren’t included you should ask yourself if the room still fits your budget.

Once you arrived in Valencia and you’re ready to settle in:

  • Check the room: the first thing you have to do when you enter the room is to check if it has the same conditions as mentioned in the contract you signed. If that isn’t the case you should communicate it. Sometimes the announcements have stunning pictures but they don’t show the reality. This can be dangerous. In addition, you should check there’s nothing broken. 
  • Communication: this is the most important aspect. You have to communicate with the landlord before arriving to Valencia, during your stay and when it’s about to finish. Let him know any problems you may have concerning the room.

At helphousing we offer a complete service with personalised assistance where there’s not lack of communication. We are here to help you have a great housing experience in Valencia and enjoy everything this city has to offer!