Rooms for students in Milan.

Are you planning on moving to Milan? if you’re young international, this city is a great option to start your new journey. That’s why, at helpHousing, we provide you with rooms for students in Milan and assistance before your arrival and during your stay in this city.

An international student’s experience in Milan

Moving to Milan when you are a young international is a great experience and everyone should have the opportunity to do it. Milan is a cosmopolitan city and it has a great university life. Everyone can come here and feel at home, it’s a welcoming city and it has a lot of things to offer. 

Milan has everything you can imagine, nice people, great food, a lot of architecture and monuments, an amazing nightlife… sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Studying or working in Milan will change your life for good. You will meet new people, taste new food, discover beautiful places; and all that will make you more open-minded and grow as a person. It’s definitely something you need to experience at least once in your life!

Living abroad in Milan: best neighborhoods

Find the best neighborhoods where to live in Milan with us: 

  • Historic centre: it’s the heart of the city, and here you can find most of the popular attractions of Milan. It’s a great area to live, but it’s quite loud, as it’s full of tourists. This area has the IED, the Cattolica University and the University of Milan.
  • Navigli: it’s the party district of Milan and it’s located between two shores of the canal. It has the perfect atmosphere for young people, because it’s quiet during the day but lively at nights. In this neighborhood you will find the Bocconi University, the IULM and the NABA.
  • Bicocca - Central station: The best choice if you are going to the University of Bicocca. it’s a university district. Students usually meet in here, there’s bars and restaurants and also a big green area called Parco Nord. The best choice if you are going to the University of Bicocca.
  • Lambrate:  It’s near the Polytechnic University of Milan and iit has a young atmosphere, because a lot of students live here. It has good public transportation connections with the rest of the city. 
  • Vigentino, Chiaravalle and Gratosoglio: these neighborhoods are in the southern part of Milan. There’s a lot of parks, castles and abbeys worth visiting in here. 
  • Fiera, Gallaratese and Quarto Oggiaro: located in the northwest part of Milan, these neighborhoods are more residential and very nice to live in, as they are very safe.                                     

Where do students live in Milan?

In general, students choose to live close to the university area. The neighborhoods located near the universities are a very good option. Why? They have good public transportation and they are very safe. Here, students have everything they need: supermarkets, bars, restaurants, shops, the nightlife and so on. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of rooms for rent in Milan you can choose to live in. 

How to find your perfect room for rent in Milan

There’s a lot of rooms for rent in Milan, but if you want to find the perfect one for you, there’s some things you have to keep in mind. It’s not an easy procedure, but don’t stress out, it’s not impossible. Pay attention and take your time to make every decision, we’re sure you don’t want to have any problems with your future room.

You should have these things in mind:

  • Your budget and priorities
  • The right time to start looking
  • The location
  • Room details

What do you look for in a room for students?

  • Furnished: it’s much cheaper to rent a furnished room, but don’t settle with any kind of furniture. Check if it’s comfortable and nice. If it looks old or uncomfy, it’s a bad sign. At helpHousing we think this is very important, so our rooms are well furnished and decorated to make you feel at home! 
  • Costs included: students prefer to rent a room with costs included, that way they save a lot of money on the rent. 
  • Location and closeness: location is the first thing to consider when renting a room. It’s important that the room is close to the facilities, such as shops and restaurants. You’re going to move around the city quite often, so the area where you want to live should be well connected with the rest of the city. 

When to start hunting rooms for students in Milan

If it’s your first time moving abroad, you may not know when is the right time to start hunting a room for students. The ideal would be if you start searching in advance, a few weeks or even a month before your arrival. Don’t worry, it’s never too soon! Actually, it’s better if you do it because will find more available options and you can get an idea of how the rooms and the neighborhoods are. 

If you wait too much you won’t find any nice rooms for an affordable price. Keep in mind that a lot of students move to Milan to study or work, so there will be many people looking for the same types of rooms as you. 

If you start hunting in advance there’s more possibilities that you’ll find the perfect room for you, that way you can be more relaxed until you arrive to Milan. But remember, beginning your hunt in anticipation doesn’t mean you have to rush into renting something you don’t really want. Take your time to search multiple options, don’t settle with the first thing you see.


This is everything you need to find the perfect room in Milan and to be prepared to have one of the most amazing experiences abroad!