Rooms for students in Madrid.

When you are an international student about to move to Madrid, finding the perfect accommodation is essential. Where to start? This can be a difficult task at first. That’s why, at helpHousing, we provide you with information and assistance in order to make your housing experience in Madrid satisfactory. If you are looking for student accommodation you will see that there’s a lot of types, so you may find it hard to choose one. Stay calm because if you do it step by step you will see it’s not that hard! Rooms for students in Madrid is the most requested option when they first come to the city. 

How to find a room in Madrid?

Renting a room in Madrid is not easy when you are a foreign student and you haven’t arrived to the city yet. We recommend you to start looking for rooms to rent in advance, that way things will be easier. There’s a lot of students in Madrid and this is something you should be aware of. The rooms you see available today might not be available tomorrow. Things move too quickly!

Another useful tip is to learn more about the city before you start looking for rooms for students in Madrid. There’s a lot of things you should learn about such as public transportation, the different neighborhoods, cost of living of the city, etc…

Don’t be afraid of applying for many rooms, indeed, that’s the best thing you can do. That way you won’t get desperate if you don’t get the first room you applied for.

Once you’ve found all the information you need to know, you’re ready for the next step, deciding which kind of room you want and where do you want to live. Go for it!

Where do students live in Madrid?

Students usually opt to live in the centre of Madrid for many reasons. The centre is the perfect location for young people because of its good public transportation connections, the variety of shops and restaurants and last but not least, the great nightlife. 

We recommend you the top neighborhoods that are popular among students:

  •  Sol and Gran Vía: finding rooms for rent in here shouldn’t be a problem because it’s full of buildings, shops, restaurants… anything you can imagine. It’s the epicenter of Madrid. You can get in 20 minutes to most of the universities, meaning it’s a great location for students.
  • Malasaña: also known as the rebel neighborhood, here you will find modern cafes and shops mixing with the old buildings. There’s a lot of hipster and alternative students in here, so the atmosphere is incredible.
  • Lavapiés: this one is a bit more bohemian, but it’s one of the favorites places to live for international students. 
  • Moncloa: this residential neighborhood is ideal to move around the city. If you want to live in a quiet place, you should live here.
  • Salamanca: it isn’t very known among foreign students but you will love this luxurious residential neighborhood. 

As you can imagine, Madrid is a big city, which means there’s more neighborhoods (Chamartín, Retiro, Tetuán, La Latina, Chueca, Austrias, Arganzuela…) where you can find a room for rent in Madrid. 

Keep exploring them and you will find the perfect location for you.These are all great locations but you should first fix your budget because the prices between the neighborhoods can change from one to another. 

How to avoid scams when renting a room?

Thinking about moving to Madrid is exciting. All the things you’re going to do when you arrive here, all the people you’re going to meet, all the places you are going to visit… But when it comes to thinking about your future house, everything changes. The process of looking for student rooms in Madrid is very important and you have to be very careful because sometimes things can get a little bit complicated. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of scams nowadays and we can’t see them coming. In order to avoid this you should pay attention to: 

Platforms and websites: the common way to rent a room is through announcements on the Internet. There’s a lot of platforms and websites that provide housing services for students. But you shouldn’t trust all of them, this is where the scammers are. Renting a room through these websites can be dangerous. If they hurry you to pay or they get annoyed when you ask questions, that’s a warning sign. 

Money in advance: if the landlord asks you to pay money in advance and you haven’t signed anything like that, don’t do it, remember you will be sending money to a completely stranger. And when it comes to paying the first month as a guarantee, make sure you use a safe method. 

Cheaper doesn’t mean better: sometimes you will see in the announcements they are offering very nice rooms for a very cheap price. This doesn’t mean you have found the offer of your life, so don’t rush and investigate if the room in the announcement is real. 

Sometimes it’s better to pay a bit more to assure you will have a room. 

Visit the room: if you really want to make sure they don’t scam you, consider traveling to Madrid a few days before and arrange a visit with the landlord.

In order to avoid scams, at  helpHousing we believe it’s better if there’s an intermediary between the landlord and the student. This way we can provide full assistance and the student doesn’t have to worry about anything. 

Here are some of our services that will make all the process easier:

  • Personalised consulting whenever you need help.
  • Technical assistance so you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your new home.
  • An online account, where you can check all the details about your reservation and more.
  • Cleaning service to keep your house clean.
  • Free Wi-Fi service 
  • Individual contract, in every language, so it’s customized for you. 

What to keep in mind when renting rooms for students in Madrid?

If you want to rent a room, whether it is a shared flat or in a residence, there are some details you must keep in mind. 

  • Interior/Exterior: the price of the room can change depending on its location. If you want an exterior room with views you will have to pay more. If you want an interior room with less light then it will be more economic. 
  • Furniture: in Madrid you can find unfurnished and furnished rooms. As a student, we recommend you to rent a furnished room, with all the basic furniture. This way you will save a lot of money. 
  • Maintenance: when you are new to a city the last thing you want is to have problems with your accommodation. Make sure to find a room with maintenance included to avoid potential problems with your room. 
  • Location: this is a very important detail to keep in mind and it depends on your priorities. Choose the location that best suits your needs. Ask yourself these questions: do I want to live close to my university or close to the shops and the nightlife? Do I mind a quiet or a loud neighborhood? That’s the best way of finding the best location.
  • Budget: fixing your maximum budget will allow you to know where to look for rooms. Some areas of Madrid are more expensive than others, but considering you are a student, the less you spend on the rent, the more you save to enjoy doing things in Madrid. It will make your search much easier once you know how much you want to pay for your room. 


Keeping all these details in mind, you’re now ready to start your student housing journey in Madrid