Shared flats in Bari.

Are you a young international moving to Bari? Before you start your journey, you need to be prepared. At helpHousing we provide you with shared flats in Bari and we help you settle in. 

What is a flatshare?

A flatshare is where two or more people live together in the same house or apartment. They have their own bedroom but they share other rooms of the house, as well as the costs, the responsibilities… and much more. It’s a great option for students moving abroad for the first time. 

Make new friends: rent a shared flat

Bari is a great destination for young internationals and that’s why it’s always full of them. Sharing a flat is probably the best way to meet new people and make friends. If you share accommodation with other students you will have the best time together.

Living alone or with flatmates?

If you’re moving abroad for the first time you may find it hard to decide whether you want to live alone or with flatmates. It’s a personal decision in the end, but we consider living with flatmates is the best you can do, it will make your stay easier. 

The pros of flat sharing

Flat sharing has a lot of pros, we tell you some of them:

First of all, you won’t be lonely. When you are new to a city, you don’t know anyone and it can be hard at the beginning. Your flatmates will keep you company.

If you share a flat with other students you will save a lot of money because the rent and the costs will be much cheaper than if you live alone. 

Another good reason is that you’ll get more out of your stay if you share things with your flatmates. You can make plans together and discover new places. Bari has a lot to offer!

Things you need to consider before renting a shared flat in Bari

How to get started when searching flats for rent in Bari

If you want your search to be effective, start looking in advance, you’ll see there’s more rooms available. Don’t rush into any decisions! Nowadays it’s very easy to find a flat for rent on the internet, but you have to beware of scams. Read the contract carefully and don’t sign anything if you don’t agree or you don’t understand it. 

You have to set your priorities, such as your budget, and where and how do you want to live. Once you’ve decided this, your search will be faster. You should also consider the conditions of the room before renting it (furnished or not, costs included or not, maintenance) 

The last useful tip is to learn about Bari and the area where you want to live. Check the public transportation nearby, shops, restaurants… 

Flatmate tips: Beginner’s guide

In this quick guide we give you some tips in order to help you if it’s your first time sharing a flat.

Tips for living with people for the first time

  • Share: talk to your flatmates and get to know them. Share your time and experiences with them, that’s the ultimate tip for having a good coexistence. “Sharing is caring”
  • Respect: respect your flatmates if you want them to act the same way towards you. Of course you will be sharing time and things with them, but let them have their own privacy as well. Getting along with your flatmates is essential.
  • Be generous: always offer your help to your flatmates, you never know when will you need it from them. Do things for them and don’t be selfish. 
  • Rules: make rules together from the beginning, so you all contribute to having the house clean. Make turns and respect them. 

Qualities of a good flatmate

The perfect flatmate doesn’t exist, but a good one should have at least these qualities: 

  • Open-minded: your flatmates could be from any country and they could have very different cultures, so this is a good chance to learn new things about them. But you have to be open-minded.  
  • Cooperative: you have to understand and help each other whenever any of you needs it. If you do things for others, they will do things for you. You have to cooperate with the housework too.
  • Organized: if you share a flat you have to be tidy and organized. Nobody likes living in an untidy flat. You have to be responsible enough because there won’t be anyone to clean your mess.  

Best neighborhoods to live in Bari

We recommend you the best neighborhoods to live in Bari:

  • Centro Storico - Policlinico - Stazione Centrale: this is the centre of Bari. A place full of cultural sights where you will feel like a local. Commonly known as Bari Vecchia. 
  • Libertà: this is the best area if you want to live close to the universities. It has public transportation with good connections. 
  • Murat: this is a place for shopping and for the nightlife too, perfect if you’re a young international. 
  • Japigia - Torre a Mare: it’s more of a quiet neighborhood. A lot of locals meet here so the atmosphere is very nice. It’s right by the coastline. 
  • Poggiofranco: it’s a rich area with lots of bars and restaurants with the perfect atmosphere for young students. The lively part mixes with a more calmed one, as there’s a lot of green areas here too. 
  • San Pasquale: well connected with the rest of the city. This is the typical neighborhood with narrow streets, local markets and buildings; very charming. 

What flats in Bari have nice views?

Finding a nice flat in Bari is very important. There’s a lot of options to choose from, but it all depends on what you’re looking for. 

If one of your priorities is to live in a flat with nice views, you have to check the best neighborhoods where to find it. 

Some neighborhoods offer a city view, such as Poggiofranco or San Pasquale, for example. However, If you prefer to live in a flat with sea views, check Torre a Mare and Murat. If you would like to enjoy both views then we have good news for you, it’s possible! Bari Vecchia is the right neighborhood for this.


Your journey in Bari is about to begin, what are you waiting for to find the perfect home and the perfect flatmates?