Rooms for students in Bari.

If you are a young international thinking about studying or working in Bari, the first thing you have to do is find the best accommodation for you. At helpHousing we provide you with rooms for students in Bari and assistance before your arrival and during your stay. 

Bari: a good destination for students

Bari is the capital of Puglia, a region located in southern Italy. It’s a charming port city. 

If you’re moving here you may be wondering if you made the right choice by choosing Bari as your destination. 

As a lot of international students choose to move to Bari, there’s a lot of things to do for them and the atmosphere is young and vibrant. You will meet a lot of people from other countries but also the local people. 

Gastronomy is probably one of the best things about Bari. You will discover many restaurants and you will taste Italian specialities, for example orecchiette, a typical pasta from here.

The climate is another important aspect to consider when moving to a new city. Summers in Bari are very warm and winters come with low temperatures but they are mild. 

The cost of living in Bari is not extremely high. Accommodation is usually affordable, as well as supermarkets and going out for lunch and dinner, which is a typical thing to do in here. 

The last reason is the culture. There’s a lot of buildings and things to see here, where you can learn a lot about its history. You will never get bored in Bari!

Best neighborhoods to live in Bari

Finding rooms for rent in Bari isn’t a very difficult task, but you have to know where do you want to live based on your priorities. Find the best places where to live with us:

  • Centro Storico - Policlinico - Stazione Centrale: also known as Bari Vecchia, it’s the city centre. It’s one of the best areas to live; you will be surrounded by medieval buildings and you’ll feel like a local. It’s a good area to eat and to experience the nightlife. 
  • Libertà: it’s very close to the city centre and the universities thanks to the public transportation. A very nice area with a long seafront you will love.
  • Murat: in here there’s a lot of shopping options and a good nightlife, so it’s the perfect atmosphere for young internationals. 
  • Japigia - Torre a Mare: if you’re looking for a calmer atmosphere, this is your place. It’s a meeting point for the locals and a place with a rich culture. 
  • Poggiofranco: it’s a rich neighborhood. It’s a mix of calm and entertaining. It has a lot of bars and restaurants with a lively atmosphere.
  • San Pasquale: a very charming area with the typical narrow streets and buildings of Bari. Here you will find a lot of things to do and see, and it’s well connected thanks to the public transportation. 

How to find rooms for students in Bari?

It isn’t very difficult to find a room for rent in Bari if you know how to do it. You can choose from a room in a shared flat, in a residence or in a studio.

We recommend you to search in advance, that way you will find a lot of rooms available and you can get a nice one for an affordable price. The more you wait, the less options you have to choose from. 

But before you start looking for a room you should set your priorities and your maximum budget. This will allow you to exclude the areas where you aren’t interested in living or the most expensive ones.  

Thanks to the Internet, it’s very easy to search rooms in Bari, but you shouldn’t trust everything you see. At helpHousing we offer a good service because we act as an intermediary between the tenant and the landlord, and our flat managers are here to help you so you don’t have to worry about anything. You will find the perfect room sooner than you expected!

Stunning places near Bari, Italy

We want to recommend you some stunning places to visit near Bari, because as you’re a student, we’re sure you want to travel and discover new areas. 

  • Alberobello, Ostuni and Castellana Caves: these towns are located in the centre of Puglia and they offer great landscapes and beaches. Alberobello is famous because of its trulli houses, and Ostuni because of its olive orchards. It’s the perfect place to spend your summer. Castellana Caves is one of the most visited sites in here. 
  • Lecce and Otranto: these two towns are located in southern Puglia. Lecce is known for its Baroque architecture meanwhile in Otranto you should visit the crystal clear water beaches. There’s daily buses and trains running between Bari and these towns. 
  • Polignano a Mare: it’s a seaside town situated on the Adriatic coast, but it also has monuments to visit. 

If you’re living in Bari you should definitely plan a trip to these places with your friends.

Things to keep in mind when renting a room

There’s some things you should keep in mind when renting a room in Bari, especially if it’s your first time moving abroad. 

  • Budget: this is the most important aspect. Depending on your budget you can choose from very different types of rooms. We recommend you to rent an affordable room, so you can spend the rest of the money during your stay in the city.
  • Location and transportation: you should choose the location that best suits your needs. It’s better if you rent a room in a nice area with more international students and with a lot of things to do. 
  • Details of the room: when you’re looking for a room, it’s very important that you check the details and conditions. We recommend you to rent a furnished room with the costs included.  
  • The contract: contracts are usually long and confusing, make sure you read it with someone before you sign it. Check if the things you agreed with the landlord are written on it to avoid possible problems and scams. Take your time at this step, don’t feel pressured into signing anything! 
  • Insurance: get an insurance to protect your belongings during your stay. 

This useful tips will help you settle in Bari and make the most of your stay. Your future home is waiting for you!