Rooms for students in Barcelona.

Are you an international student? Are you thinking about moving to Barcelona? Then you should know that you have to find the perfect accommodation. At helpHousing we provide young internationals with rooms for students in Barcelona and assistance before the arrival and throughout their stay in the city. We want them to have the best student housing experience in Barcelona.

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and it’s known for its rich culture and architecture. A lot of students choose it as one of the best cities in Spain to live.

How to find a room in Barcelona?

When foreign students move to out for the first time they tend to stress out about finding rooms for rent in Barcelona. It’s normal because finding accommodation when you aren’t in the city can be hard sometimes. But it’s not a problem if you start looking in advance (a few months before you arrive). Last minute bookings are risky! 

Your first decision should be where do you want to rent the room: in a shared flat, in a residence, or in a studio? ¿or would you sharing a room? 

Before you start looking make sure you know the following things:

  • Your budget: Barcelona is a big city, so even though there’s affordable rooms for students in here, prices can be high. Set your maximum budget and then start looking. Remember that to spend less money you should look for furnished rooms, if not, you will have to pay more. 
  • The location: make sure you choose the right place to live and that it has everything you need, such as public transportation, shops, restaurants, a good atmosphere with more students like you, etc. 
  • Learn about the city: read about the city, the traditions, the things you can see and do… this will help you settle in Barcelona so you aren’t a completely stranger when you arrive.  

Despite of looking for rooms in advance, be careful and don’t rush into renting anything. There are a lot of students in your same situation, but Barcelona is a big city. There’s space for everyone. 

Is Barcelona one of the best cities to live in?

If you are a young international you may be wondering if you have made the right choice coming to Barcelona. Don’t worry, we can assure you it’s the perfect city to live in. It’s a city that mixes the beach with a surreal architecture, you will be amazed by it. 

There’s a lot of things to see in here, you will discover new places everyday and your plans won’t be monotonous. Students love Barcelona’s nightlife.

What about the weather? If you enjoy going out for some drinks with your friends or walking around the city, this is your place. 

As a student, it can be hard to arrive to a new city without knowing anyone. Don’t worry about it because you will be constantly meeting new people. Locals are very welcoming with foreign people and you can learn a lot from them, for example, the Catalan language. What is it? It’s their own dialect, and you will hear it very often when you go out. 

As you can see, Barcelona is an ideal place to live. You will have the most amazing experience of your life and you will also meet the best people during your stay. 

So, if you like learning new things and visiting historical places, but you also like enjoying your time with other people and having fun, don’t think it twice and come to Barcelona! 

Best areas for students to live in Barcelona

You can find rooms for rent in Barcelona easily, and you will see there’s a lot of neighborhoods. So, which one should you choose? Make your choice depending on your preferences. Some of the factors you have to keep in mind when choosing the best area to live are: the price of the rent, the atmosphere of the neighborhood and it’s location (centre or suburbs). There’s a great variety to choose but it won’t be hard to decide because each neighborhood has its own things that make it special. 

The perfect location would be a convenient commute from your university or a place where you feel safe and suits your needs. 

Best Barcelona’s neighbourhoods

Find the best places for students to live in Barcelona with us:

  • Gràcia: with a young, alternative and bohemian atmosphere, this neighborhood is one of the nicest places to live. Small but very charming. 
  • Ciutat Vella: an affordable neighborhood where you can find nice rooms and a lot of tourists, so there’s an international atmosphere.
  • Gòtic: a medieval neighborhood located in Ciutat Vella. Here you can find the main attractions of the city, it’s a very popular place, so it’s never quiet. It’s more of a loud neighborhood. 
  • Poblenou: it’s close to some of the beaches, so if you want to live in a more relaxed place and you like to sunbathe, consider this neighborhood. 
  • Sarrià: very well connected thanks to the public transportation. A lot of tourists live here so it isn’t a quiet place, but it’s perfect if you are social and want to meet new people. 
  • Eixample: one of the most central neighborhoods. It’s very well connected with the others. It’s a modern area and here you can find some of the most impressive buildings of Barcelona. 
  • El Clot: an old neighborhood with a medieval origin but full of impressive modern buildings. 

Rooms for students in Barcelona: things to keep in mind

Moving out is a big step, especially for the first time. There’s a few things you should know when renting a room for students in Barcelona.

Before your arrival:

  • Avoid scams: if it’s the first time you are renting a room, you may not be aware of all the scammers out there. You have to be very careful with this, always know what you are doing and have someone with you to double check everything. A quick tip: never pay money in advance unless it’s the security deposit and always know where your money goes! 
  • Room conditions: if you rent a room and the costs aren’t included, make sure about the amount you will have to pay for them. If you have any doubts always ask the landlord. Learn the room conditions so you can check them when you enter the room.
  • Get an insurance: this will help you protect your belongings. 

When you arrive and during your stay:

  • The contract: before signing anything, check all the conditions of the contract and if you don’t understand something, ask it to the landlord. The contract is a legal document so you have to make sure it’s safe, because once you sign it there’s no turning back. 
  • Check the room: when you move into the room check if it has the same conditions as written in the contract. Take photos if there’s any damages such as broken things or dampness, and communicate it with the landlord so he doesn’t blame you afterwards. 
  • Communication: this is a very important aspect. In order to back up all the conversations, communicate with the landlord by email, not by phone. 

If you have all these things in mind, renting a room will be an easy procedure. At helpHousing we make it even easier because we provide furnished rooms with costs and maintenance included. We want the students to enjoy their stay in Barcelona without worrying about anything.