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About Salamanca neighborhood

Salamanca neighborhood owes its name to the Marquis of Salamanca, who managed its construction in the 19th century. He wanted to create a new concept, an aristocratic neighborhood, so that the inhabitants could live in better conditions. New houses with higher roofs, large windows and balconies; in essence, a new modern atmosphere. 

Today it represents a residential but very elegant and stately area. It’s actually where a lot of famous people live, so we can say that the Marquis of Salamanca achieved his goal. 

Why live in Salamanca area?

Salamanca neighborhood is located in the centre of Madrid, and it’s divided in 6 districts: Recoletos, Goya, Fuente del Berro, Castellana, Lista and La Guindalera.

It’s the perfect location for international students and young workers, as it’s very secure and it combines the traditional with the authentic. 

If you rent a room in Salamanca neighborhood, you will find yourself in a very luxurious area where shopping and gastronomy is on the top list of things to do.

Main spots

Retiro Park

It’s a public park where you can enjoy the nature, the leisure and you can also practise sport.

Puerta de Alcalá

Located in Plaza de la Independencia, it’s an ancient door that provided access to the city. 

Marqués de Salamanca square

The only square in the neighborhood, with a monument dedicated to the Marquis of Salamanca.

National Archaeological Museum

Take a journey from Prehistory to the Modern Age and admire the educational exhibitions. 

National Library of Spain

Here it’s preserved the Bibliographic Heritage of Spain.

Find the perfect room in Salamanca neighborhood

At helpHousing we provide young internationals with rooms in Salamanca neighborhood, as we think it’s the best way for them to have an unforgettable experience in Madrid. 

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What to do in Salamanca area

Cultural Activities

  • Tapas and drinks: Salamanca is a great area where to taste some Spanish tapas. You can find a lot of terraces, bars or restaurants offering different types of them. Here you have the perfect chance to go for tapas in the most trendy bars, such as Patio de Leones, Estay, Boggo… explore them yourself!
  • Museums: with a wide artistic offer, Salamanca has some of the most interesting museums to discover. We’re talking about the National Archaeological Museum, Lázaro Galdiano Museum and the National Museum of Decorative Arts. 
  • Retiro Park: considered as the lung of Madrid, it’s a place full of sculptures, fountains and a beautiful lake where you can relax and enjoy the views, or you can practise sport. It’s always crowded, locals and tourists meet here, families walk around together, groups of young people have picnics… plenty of things to do in this green area!


This is a call for fashion lovers. If you are one, Salamanca neighborhood is made for you! Here, the luxury prevails, with shops of the biggest national and international brands. Shoes, handbags, jewellery… the best of fashion! You will find all this walking through the Golden Mile (Milla de Oro), an exclusive area formed by streets like Serrano, Goya, Lagasca, José Ortega y Gasset, Claudio Coello, Ayala, Castelló and Jorge Juan.

Now that you know this, enjoy your shopping!

Nightlife in Madrid

This area offers a huge variety of locals to have some drinks, different atmospheres, music, people, but always a good way to socialize. We recommend you these clubs to have an amazing night out in this modern neighborhood: Gabana, La Flaca, La Posada de las Ánimas and Graf. However, you can discover the multiple bars in here with your friends, and have some after work fun time. Dress up with your best clothes and you’re ready to go!

Public transport

Salamanca neighborhood has excellent public transport, you have plenty of options to move around. The closest train station is Recoletos (C1, C2, C7, C8, C10). There’s also several bus lines during day and night time. The bus 203 (N27 at night) takes you directly to the airport.

People usually use the metro, as it’s fast and easy. You can find these metro stations in Salamanca:

Retiro (L2)

Serrano (L4)

Avenida de América (L4, L6, L7, L9)

Goya (L2, L4)

Núñez de Balboa (L5, L9)

O’ Donnell (L6)

Ventas (L2, L5)