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About Lavapiés

Lavapiés is the oldest neighborhood in Madrid, and its origins go back to the time of the Jews. This area was inhabited only by Jews, they gathered together in the Synagogue (the actual San Lorenzo Church), and the neighborhood takes its name from the popular tradition they had at that time; they used to wash their limbs at the fountain in the main square, as a ritual of purification before starting their prayers. When the Jews were expelled in the 15th century, some of them converted to Catholicism in order to survive in the neighborhood. That’s why the oldest streets now have have names that exalt the Catholic religion.


Today, this neighborhood is inhabited by people from all over the world and we can clearly see different cultures coexisting. 

Why live in Lavapiés?

Lavapiés is located in the centre of Madrid, right in Embajadores district, the biggest one in central Madrid. It’s close to some of the most interesting spots of the city, and along with its multicultural atmosphere, it’s one of the reasons why young students and workers are attracted to this area. 

If you rent a room in Lavapiés you will discover that despite being in the centre of Madrid, you will feel like in a world of its own, where locals are very welcoming and there's space and opportunities for everyone.

Main spots

Lavapiés square

Surrounded by residential buildings, where you can find Valle-Inclán theatre and a small park.

Tirso de Molina square

It’s a triangle-shaped charming square with a lot of bars. It also hosts a flower market.

La Tabacalera

It’s an art and cultural centre where to find exhibitions and creative activities. 

San Fernando Market

A landmark for locals, but also for foreign people, with all types of artisanal and ecological products.

Reina Sofía Museum

That hosts some of the most important works from the 20th century (Picasso, Dalí, Miró and much more).

El Rastro

A big open-air market opened on Sundays, where you can enjoy and find any type of craft products.

Find the perfect room for rent in Lavapiés

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What to do in Lavapiés

Cultural Activities

  • Tapas in Argumosa Street: Argumosa Street is the perfect place where to go for tapas and drinks in one of its many bars and terraces. It’s a plan that you can always enjoy with your group of friends, where you will all discover charming locals and bars offering really good traditional food worth trying. Your mouth will be watering! Of course, there’s other spots in this area with bars, but this is the most popular one, where locals meet to have a good time.
  • El Rastro and San Fernando Market: El Rastro is located between La Latina and Lavapiés area, and you can visit it on Sundays, stroll around and discover things for sale that will maybe get your attention. San Fernando Market was once abandoned, but now it’s a place where you can lose yourself in the multiple cultural proposals. You will see a great variety of food served in huge portions. 
  • Museums and other cultural activities: in Lavapiés you can find Reina Sofia Museum, a museum you will enjoy if you’re an art lover. It has many collections and exhibitions, but some of them are temporary so make sure you check them from time to time, maybe you find a really interesting and exclusive one! Another interesting spot in here is la Casa Encendida, a cultural centre where people can enjoy exhibitions, workshops, a large library and it also has a charming terrace. They even make concerts here! Finally, in la Tabacalera you will be able to admire beautiful open-air exhibitions, walls decorated with big graffitis… in short, art everywhere!

Nightlife in Madrid

If you like Lavapiés atmosphere, wait to see it at night, you will like it even more! Be prepared to enjoy an incredible and unforgettable night in here. There’s a lot of bars where you can have some drinks and meet people from everywhere. But not only the people is multicultural, also the music and the rhythms. There’s a lot of locals with different vibes, you just have to find the one that suits you the most! You can’t miss La Candela or El Juglar, two of the most popular ones. To continue the night, we recommend you the nightclub Club 33, a typical of this neighborhood. Here is where the party is!

Public transport

Lavapiés is well connected with the rest of the city, as it’s close to central points such as Sol. The main train station in here is Embajadores (C5). You can find these metro stations:

Lavapiés (L3)

Embajadores (L3, L5)

La Latina (L5)

Tirso de Molina (L1)

Estación del Arte (L1)