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About Chamberí

Chamberí neighborhood is full of history, and it has undergone many changes to become what it is today. Even the history of the origin of its name is interesting. When Napoleon troops settled in Madrid during the war of Independence, they chose Chamberí square to do it. The camp that settled here was named Chambéry, of French origin. Finally, they couldn’t carry out the invasion and they pull out. This is when the term Chambéry adopted its Spanish form: Chamberí. 


Today, although it’s considered as a quiet neighborhood, it has a lot of personality and personal charm. 

Why live in Chamberí?

Chamberí is located in the centre of Madrid, limiting with other central and important neighborhoods of Madrid. It borders Moncloa to the north and west, and Salamanca to the south and east. Besides, it’s also close to Ciudad Universitaria. 

This area offers all kind of facilities (restaurants, bars, supermarkets, etc.), making it perfect for people coming to Madrid. If you rent a room in Chamberí, you will find it has a great cultural and social offer, although the gastronomic one is not left behind.

Main spots

Plaza de Chamberí

A beautiful square that has the old Chamberí metro station, which is now a museum.

Plaza de Olavide

It was a market once, but today it’s a large square full of terraces, ideal to try tapas.

Santander Park

It’s a huge green space adapted for sport and leisure.

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What to do in Chamberí

Cultural Activities

  • Gastronomy: one thing everyone loves about Spanish culture is its gastronomy, especially the tapas, and you’re lucky because Chamberí has a lot of places where to try them. There’s a lot of bars and terraces among the streets, but the most popular place is Plaza de Olavide, where you won’t only enjoy the food but also the atmosphere and you can even practise your Spanish skills with the locals! No matter which terrace or bar you go into, you will experience the authentic Spanish culture in all of them.  
  • Museums and theatres: for people who like more cultural plans, here there are a lot of theatres, such as Galileo Theatre, Teatro del Canal, etc., and also museums (Sorolla Museum, Geological Museum) to enjoy a visit from a different perspective. If you are living in Chamberí, you can’t miss the old metro station, now recreated as a museum, as it doesn’t work any more. It’s a “ghost station”, it will make you feel as if you were traveling to the past. A lot of people visit it and take photos. Strolling around the neighborhood is always a good idea, you will be able to see the contrast between the traditional and historical streets and the modern and aristocratic residences. It’s neighborhood with a unique charm that will make you enjoy some of the most popular things about Madrid: gastronomy and architecture.

Nightlife in Madrid

Chamberí is a quiet neighborhood but at night it turns into a busy and lively area, with a lot of people having some drinks in the pubs, as here there are a lot. You can’t never get tired of going out, drinking and meeting new people here. 

For the people who want more than having some drinks in the pubs, don’t worry because here there’s some good and interesting options, such as Opium or Copérnico, two big clubs where you will enjoy the music and atmosphere. 

Whatever your plan is, Chamberí nightlife won’t disappoint you!

Public transport

This area has a lot of options to move around. You will be able to get to Sol, the very centre of Madrid, in just 15 minutes by metro, which is the most used transport. There’s also several buses that connect with the University City (Ciudad Universitaria). The nearest train station is Nuevos Ministerios (C1, C2, C3, C4, C7, C8, C10). Chamberí area has very good connections, you can find these metro stations:

Quevedo (L2)

Iglesia (L1)

Canal (L2, L7)

Alonso Cano (L7)

 Gregorio Marañón (L7, L10)

Rubén Darío (L5)

Islas Filipinas (L7)

Ríos Rosas (L1)