Custom Contract.

Terms and conditions.

Custom Contract.

  • Minimum stay of three months.
  • Maximum stay of eighteen months. 
  • The contract must end on one of the following dates: December 31 / January 31 / February 28 / August 31.
  • Deposit equivalent to one month rent.
  • Admin Fee* equivalent to one month rent. 
  • Free WIFI and weekly cleaning services of the common areas (subject to availability).
  • Cost of the registration of the contract, trash collection fee, TV licence fee included.
  • Costs are included up to 50 euros per person (water, gas, electricity). 
  • Cleaning services of the room are not included (contact the flat manager if needed).
  • It’s the tenant’s responsibility to keep the room and the common areas in good cleaning conditions. 
  • Parties are not allowed. The law of the City of Milan prohibits any type of high volume noise after 11 pm. 
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the house. 
  • The contract is individual (contact us for a couple’s contract).
  • No room changes can be made (the change of room will require a new contract).

* The Admin Fee is the amount charged by the company at the time of booking for a series of services and procedures carried out by the company, such as: registration tax, seals, assuming responsibility for the tenant's stay with the property throughout the duration of the contract, expenses incurred in various procedures and procedures, assistance to the tenant, management of cleaning and maintenance, customer service and guards for possible maintenance emergencies and others, provision of information regarding the documentation required for certain procedures, etc.

Custom Contract cancellation policy.

Bookings can be cancelled by the user, taking into account the following cancellation costs:

  • Cancellations made before the starting day of the contract: it leads to a penalty equivalent to one month’s rent. The customer will receive the return of the remaining part.
  • Cancellations made after the starting day of the contract* and/or without the customer showing up for the check in: the total amount paid on the booking won’t be refundable. 
  • Early termination of the contract: the early termination of the contract will lead to a penalty equivalent to three months rent. If a substitute tenant is found, the tenant will pay just the cancellation cost for an amount of 200€ (in case of doubts or for more information about the conditions of the substitute search contact us).

* Starting date of the contract: it’s the date the contract begins. It may not coincide with the check in date or with the moment the tenant moves into the flat.