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If you’re living in Florence or you’re planning a trip there and you are looking for the most instagrammable places in Florence, this guide will provide you with the spots you can´t miss for your Insta photos.

Florence has plenty of museums, gardens, restaurants… the perfect inspirations for unique Instagram photos. You don't need to search these places on the Internet anymore!  

Here there are 8 spectacular places where you will take the best photos.

Discover the best Instagrammable places in Florence

Do you usually look for Instagrammable places when you go to visit a new city? Well, it's not a secret that all the Instagram addicted are always in search of new inspirations to catch the best shot! In case you are wondering, an Instagram spot is a place where you take a photo, share it on your Instagram and don´t worry, you will get thousands of likes because, who wouldn't like to travel there after seeing such photos? 

Don't miss any of the places we recommend you in this guide if you are willing to share your photos of Florence. 

1. The Duomo in Florence

Did you know it took over 140 years to build this grand cathedral? Everyone travelling to Florence must stop to see this spectacular structure which has the largest dome in the world. This place full of history will give you one of the most amazing Instagram photos of your trip. 

2. Mercato Centrale in Florence

Italian markets are colorful and lively places where you can find anything, from food to clothes or antiques. Whether you want to try or buy some food or just have a walk, we   recommend you to go early in the morning. 

It's a great opportunity not only to take that photo you are looking for, but also to eat some fresh food and enjoy the energy and knowledge of the locals. Who knows, maybe they will give you some of their cooking recipes. 

3. Ponte Vecchio

This is one of the most famous bridges in the world. It's also the best spot to enjoy the Italian sunset, something you will never forget.

You can go and take photos of yourself on this bridge, but you can also get some shots of the incredible views and use them for your Instagram stories. 

4. San Miniato Al Monte

You can find this old church in one of the highest places in the city of Florence. When you make it to the top, you won't believe the wonderful panoramic views. 

And again, we recommend you to go early in the morning, when you can find the perfect light for your Instagram spot from the back side of the church.

5. Instagrammable culture: the statue of David

A lot of tourists from all around the world come to Florence to visit the Statue of David, a piece made by Michelangelo. 

It's one of the most touristic places of the city. That's the reason why it's always crowded, but the photo is worth the queue. It will give an interesting and historical touch to your Instagram feed.

6. Piazza della Repubblica in Florence

Piazza della Repubblica is one of the most interesting places in Florence. It comes to life in the evenings, the perfect time to take some glamorous photos by the fountain or in front of the several buildings that surround the square. 

7. The rose garden in Florence

This is definitely the best place if you are looking to chill and appreciate a bit of nature. 

Go for a walk and explore the 400 different types of roses and plants that it contains, but remember to take photos of all of them, you don't usually find gardens like this one.

 It's all about bliss.

8. Foodies on Instagram: Gusta Pizza

This restaurant makes heart-shaped pizzas with natural ingredients in their wood-fired stone oven. You definitely want to take photos of their flavorful dishes.

Take some shots, tag your partner and make your followers jealous!

In this city you can find countless pieces of Renaissance art and architecture. If you are passionate for arts, culture and Italian gastronomy, Florence is the perfect city for you. You won't get tired of taking shots.


You are now ready to discover new places and share all your photos and Instagram stories. And get a look at our Living in Florence tips to get the most out of your stay in town!


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