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Bari is the capital of the Puglia region in southern Italy. A charming city you can't miss if you have the chance to travel to Italy. So, whether you are living in Bari or you are planning to go, keep reading this guide where we provide you with the most interesting things to do in here. 

It's a good place to stroll around with friends, family or by your own, to stop and visit all the places you need to visit with no rush at all.

You will find not only what to see when visiting Bari but also the things you definitely need to visit when you enter the Old Town.

What is Bari known for?

Bari is always a great destination to travel to. If you are not from Italy, you can easily take a plane and come here. But if you are from Italy, just take the high-speed train, and that's it! 

Did you know that Bari is known for being a transportation hub? This is because ferries and cruises are constantly leaving the port. But Bari is not only that, it's much more. The city has a lot of art, culture and food related things to see.

It has several tourist attractions, like the Petruzzelli Theatre, Bari Cathedral, Swabian Castle, the seafood markets, Margherita Theatre… 

But have you ever heard about the Old Town? In this travel guide we want to discover you some of the places you should visit. Don't stop reading!

Discovering Bari Old Town

If you like exploring new picturesques places, this guide is made for you! 

Every place we recommend you has its own charm, but you will love every single one. They all make the visit to the Old Town an incredible experience. Let's have a look at some of the most interesting things to see in the historic old town. Don't forget to stroll around the alleys, it's a nice thing to do. 

1. Cathedral of San Sabino

It's a roman catholic church, and although it's less important than the basilica of St Nicholas, it's really beautiful. The most interesting thing about this cathedral is the crypt, where it is preserved the relic of San Sabino, bishop of Canosa.

2. Basilica of St Nicholas

As you can see, there´s more than one church to visit, and this one is the most important.

Why? Because it is pilgrimage destination for Italians and Eastern European Orthodox. 

The good thing is you can visit the basilica on the inside, and you will find it even more interesting once you do it.

3. Some other churches to visit

There´s more churches to visit in the Old Town, they are all worth visiting if you like to learn the history and the past of the city. Here are some of them:

  1. Church of Saint Mark of the Venetian, which can be unnoticed because it's small but worth visiting. 
  2. Church of Saint Gregory
  3. Church of Saint Giovanni Crisostomo with a Renaissance style.

4. Via Venezi

Also known as «the wall» of Bari, this is the perfect place to enjoy a maritime walk. It is part of a big wall that that was built to protect the city. 

It's a walk with plenty of history and culture, that will make you imagine how they used to defend the city in the past. You will be able to see different landscapes from it, such as urban or maritime areas, notably the port. 

5. Piazza Mercantile 

This square is also known by other names such as «Piazza Maggiore» or «Piazza Grande». It is a clearly meeting point for the locals, so if you want to learn their traditions you should visit it. 

In here you can find the Palace of the Seat (Palazzo del Sedile) with a clock tower on top and the Column of Shame (Colonna Infame), a column that protects and guards the city.

6. Piazza del Ferrarese: tasting local food

You can't end a visit without going somewhere typical and tasting the local food of the city, and much less when we are talking about Italy, a country with a delicious gastronomy. 

Do you know what an orecchiette is? It is an original ear-shaped type of pasta from Italy. Yes, you have read right. What about panzerotti? It consists of a dough made of wheat flour, salt, water and brewer's yeast and you fill it with tomato sauce and mozzarella. Sounds delicious!

We can't forget the focaccia and the burrata when talking about Italian food.

Piazza del Ferrarese is the best place to taste all these typical plates. It is full of stores so you have a great variety to choose where to eat. And it's a great place to go in the evening as well, as it's full of pubs. 


Bari won't let you down. Get lost through the alleys, enjoy the food and drinks, you´ll love it!


See you soon,

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