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When hot temperatures hit Madrid, you might think how unbearable is to stay in a city where there’s no beach during summer. Actually, believe it or not, Madrid is a quite good place with many things to offer all year round! Parks, green areas, terraces and bars will make your summer incredible. But, what is truly unique about spending the warm season in this city? When living in Madrid, one of the best summer must-do activities in here is diving into the beautiful rooftop pools. You’ll found several options to enjoy a relaxing time by the pool while admiring amusing views overlooking the city. Madrid also offers several public pools, but this is a fancier way to have a great time with your friends and roomies.

Check prices and availability and dive into the best rooftop pools in Madrid!

Where you can swim in Madrid while enjoying a breathtaking view

Madrid offers uncountable leisure activities to keep your summer fun and fresh. But if you are looking for an alternative and cooler way to sunbathe and have a perfect tan even in a non beachy city, here is our list of best rooftop pools in Madrid.

Room Mate Oscar

Right behind Gran Vía there’s this trendy and modern hotel, characterized by friendly and chill vibes. Room Mate Oscar boasts a big rooftop terrace with a beautiful pool, were you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view overlooking Madrid. In order to enjoy the pool you need to book your place in advance on their website.

LocationPlaza de Pedro Zerolo, 12

Axel Hotel

One of the coolest places where you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the city while relaxing with a tasty cocktail in the pool. Axel Hotel, known as a gay-friendly place, is also popular for its chic and amazing oasis in the middle of Madrid, in Barrio de Las Letras.

LocationCalle de Atocha, 49


The name may sound like a gym (that actually is a gym) but this location offers way more to its visitors. Here, on the last floor, you’ll be amazed by a great terrace bar where to enjoy the tastiest drinks, some live dj-set and an Instagram-friendly design. Moreover, there’s a chic pool where you can relax on your days off with your housemates. It looks like a postcard!

LocationCalle de la Luna, 2

Hotel Emperador

This is the kind of places that won’t make you miss the beach in Madrid! This rooftop terrace, designed back in 1948, keeps some historic vibes mixed with a modern allure. You’ll feel like in a Mediterranean resort right in the heart of the city. The pool at Hotel Emperador will make you live a dreamy day with your friends. The entrance is not the cheapest one, but is worth paying if you want to enjoy a different day and a self-loving moment.

LocationCalle Gran Vía, 53

Hotel Santo Domingo

Plaza Santo Domingo, few meters away from the popular Plaza Callao and Gran Vía hosts a beautiful and luxurious place where you can enjoy a real heaven: their terrace, boasting a modern design, is home to a beautiful pool that also includes a pressurize waterfall. While you dip your toes in the water, you can drink a delicious cocktail and admire the amazing sunset over the city. And, at night, get ready to dance on the exclusive rooftop terrace with your international friends!

LocationCalle de San Bernardo, 1

Dear hotel 

Who doesn’t love to enjoy incredible views of the city, while grabbing a drink and spending amazing moments with his friends? Well, we guess all of us love this! Dear Hotel will offer you this beautiful experience, thanks to its great rooftop terrace which boasts also a lovely pool overlooking Madrid, surrounded by a chill atmosphere and music.

Location: Gran Vía, 80

Looking for even more enchanting views over Madrid? Then check out the ultimate guide about rooftotop terraces overlooking Madrid by our friends from Citylife Madrid.

Get ready to dip your toes and spend unforgettable moments in Madrid! Put your sunscreen on and enjoy the city with your friends and flatmates!



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