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Speaking English is of a major importance nowadays. We can rightly say that it’s one of the basic skills everyone should learn for the university studies, for a future career or for travelling around the world.

And now it comes the question: which are the best ways to learn english?

Well, first of all, human brain absorbs like a sponge when we are children, that’s why it is important to start learning english since the early childhood.

However, in many countries the language subject is not properly highlighted at school and many students still don’t manage a pretty good English (especially the conversation and listening skills).

That’s why there are some easy ways to improve your English that will ease your life: 

  • Sign up on language exchange mobile app; you can meet other young internationals in your city that will love to learn a new language or practice english.
  • Live abroad. Moving to another country to study or work for a while will definitely help you to level up your English skills and, most importantly, if you are living in a shared flat with other young internationals.
  • Listen to songs, look for the lyrics and translate them to deeply understand the meaning and try to learn the words.
  • Watch English or American movies in original language.Depending on your confidence, you can use subtitles: in your own language for the beginners, skip later to English subtitles and get ready to cut them off when you reach a pro level!

Can you learn English by watching movies?

Our answer to that question is “yes”! You can use movies for learning English, because they teach you to speak the real English in a natural and way, with the right pronunciations, different accents, real expressions and phrasal verbs used in real life situations. You will certainly improve your listening skills and this will be reflected in your speaking skills as well, especially the fluency. Moreover, turning a fun and entertainment thing into a class will make your learning process way easier!

Do not forget to pick the topics that most interest you and that you are sure to deeply understand, since it will make less hard for you to get the meaning of the sentences.

Which are the best movies for learning English? 

From now on, you should take the chance to watch every single English/American movie in the original language, but if you want to start with some great options, here are some movies we selected for you:


1. Forrest Gump

A classic we will never get tired of (and it will introduce you to the American Southern language)

2. The Hunger Games

This saga took the game to another level. It has all the ingredients to be a perfect choice. It is intense, it has an intrigued and interesting plot, a great love story and outstanding visual effects.

3. The King’s Speech

A great and important movie to learn the real British pronunciation.

4. 500 Days of Summer

A deep love story for truly rom-com passionates.

5. The Hangover

If you love laughing out loud about a hilarious comedy, this the movie for you.

6. The break-up

A chill and romantic comedy that will make the learning class smoother.

7. Castaway

A great movie based on a great story, starring a super Tom Hanks!

8. Love and other drugs

You will laugh, cry, feel and learn English with this beautiful romantic comedy.

9. Toy Story

A classic one both for kids and adults, that will make your learning process easy and fun.

10. The Circle

A stunning Emma Watson will take you into a gripping modern thriller that shows how technology and social media can push the boundaries  of privacy, ethics and ultimately the personal freedom.


What to watch on Netflix to improve English?

Not only movies but also series will help you to improve your English. To be honest, it could be even better, because you become always more familiar with the story, the plot, the characters; this makes you catch everything faster and easier. Here’s our selection of 5 Netflix series to improve your English. 

  • House of Cards. 
  • Orange is the New Black. 
  • Stranger Things.
  • 13 Reasons Why. 
  • Peaky blinders.

Many of you may have watched them (or not); in any case we suggest you to watch it in the original language, using subtitles.



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