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Here we go with the shiniest night of the year! In Madrid, we are ready to celebrate in great style and welcome the 2020’s at the best. Are you looking for ideas for New Year’s Eve in Madrid? The city boasts the greatest plans: from having dinner in a luxury restaurant to dancing in the coolest clubs of Madrid. Have a look at our article for some tips to make your December 31st unforgettable.


The most popular New Year’s Eve celebration in Madrid is in Puerta del Sol square: when the midnight strikes, spaniards eat 12 grapes, one each stroke and this is said it will lead to a year of luck and prosperity.

12 Tips for the “grape night”!

  1. Dress up: put on your your best and sparkliest clothes.
  2. Go to Puerta del Sol in advance in order to get the best place.
  3. Remember to take your camera to have a unique memory of this incredible moment.
  4. ...and post it on Instagram!
  5. 12 grapes: you have to take your own grapes from home (you can easily find the ones without pits at the supermarket).
  6. Don’t forget about the countdown: there will be 4 strokes every 15 minutes before the midnight.
  7. If you can’t eat as fast as the strokes of the bells, put all the grapes in your mouth and eat them slowly: the most important thing is that they’re in within the last stroke of the bell.
  8. Focus on the grapes or you’ll start laughing hard looking at the people surrounding you. 
  9. Take your champaign with you: it’s important to keep cheering for the whole night.
  10. If you don’t like grapes, you can change it with candies, raisins or skittles.
  11. Put a red clothing item on, cause it brings luck.
  12. Close your eyes and make a wish and...Happy New Year!

Templo de Debod

If a crowded place such as Puerta del Sol is not really your thing, we suggest you a beautiful celebration in Templo de Debod: the breathtaking view over Madrid, the fireworks, the vibes will make you live a spectacular and unforgettable night with your international friends or family. One more idea to enjoy New Year’s Eve in Madrid is having a walk to the Royal Palace and have a privileged view over the amazing fireworks (to get your great NYE Instagram post!).



Beside the grapes tradition we already told you about, there are way more tasty tips for the New Year’s Eve in Madrid. 

New Year’s Eve dinner at home

But first, you should know that Spaniards usually have dinner at home with the family or the closest friends, by cooking big meals and sharing them with their beloved ones, before the toast at midnight and a thrilling night out in the club!

Churros with chocolate

The best way to treat yourself on the first day of 2020 is having some hot and delicious churros with chocolate. It’s a traditional way for Spanish folks to celebrate the upcoming year. Madrid has plenty of places where to eat churros: the most famous one is San Ginés, but we warn you that it’s gonna be quite crowded and if you don’t want to stand in line for a long time, we suggest you to look for something smaller such as Antigua Churrería, La Madrileña and many others. 


Madrid, the city that never sleeps. And on this special night the celebrations will be even greater!

After the midnight, the young spaniard and the young internationals use to head out to the many clubs throughout the city. We warn you that, as it’s an exceptional night and the demand is quite high, the prices are rising.

But here we suggest you some great and affordable New Year’s Eve parties in Madrid:

  • Exclusive NYE party at Bisou club, one of the coolest venues in Madrid, enriched with artworks throughout the club. Ready to dress to impress? More info here.
  • New Year’s Eve in Kapital, the biggest club in Madrid, where you’ll enjoy great music, live performances and entertainment. More info here.
  • Wish to party in the city centre? Icon club, in the halfway between Sol and Tirso de Molina, offers the chance to celebrate with young internationals from all over the world on the Reggaeton rhythm! More info here.

New Year’s Eve in Madrid will thrill you. Are you ready to be part of these great celebrations?

Party with us and...Happy New Year!

See you soon,

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