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You’re reading this more likely because because you have already chosen to spend your Erasmus in Milan or you are thinking about applying to experience your international scholarship/internship there.

Okay, be ready to live a mindblowing adventure, good choice! Milan, big and vibrant city, is the most international and innovative place in Italy. Fashionistas, designers, artist and many young internationals come from all over the world to experience Milan and the things that it has to offer.

Since we want you to make the most of your stay here, we collected for you some tips to enjoy the city and to get settled by searching apartments in Milan, looking for new friends and enjoy the uncountable events! 

Before your arrival

Applying for the Erasmus program might have been quite exciting, but now the less funny part: looking for an accommodation in Milan, something that you should start doing way before your arrival in the city. 

Rooms in shared flats in Milan

Flat-hunting might be the most important part of this big adventure. The things that you should keep in mind are your budget, the timing of your research and the transportation.

The best way for an Erasmus student to enjoy the experience is renting a room in flat shared with other young internationals; it’s all about pros: you’ll have your accommodation, your privacy and you’ll also share beautiful moments with your flatmates.

Get an Italian SIM card

Don’t stop sharing your experience with your friends and family back home! Before moving to Milan, check if your mobile phone plan is valid in Italy (you probably won’t have any problem if you are European). But, instead, you’ll need a new plan or prepaid card If you come from a Non-Eu country. We suggest you some cheap options such as Wind, Vodafone, Tre, Tim, Fastweb Mobile, Iliad, etc.

Obtain a VISA in Italy

Being an Erasmus student means that your home university made agreements that covers you for the whole stay in Italy. But if you plan to extend it (looking for a career in Milan or moving there), you should know how to get legal and obtain the Visa in Italy. The Non-EU citizens should do it as soon as possible, while the European ones can stay in the country with just their ID or Passport for 3 months. 

Get a look here and collect the information to apply!   

Meet new friends in your Erasmus in Milan

Excitement, worries, happiness: these are just few of the storm of emotions you’ll feel upon arrival.

We perfectly know how is to be an Erasmus student...we feel you; so, don’t panic! Your Erasmus will lead you to meet so many people, having a lot of fun, getting more in touch, staying deeply connected with the others and with yourself!

We promise you that the experience you’re going to live is unique and incredible. Something that you couldn’t even expect before. 

Moreover, Milan is such a lively place, where uncountable events come to life making the city one of the best destinations in Europe for young internationals.

If you want to start meeting more people, we suggest you to join online communities on Facebook, looking for keywords such as “Erasmus in Milan” or “Expats in Milan”, and to live in a shared flat: the best solution to meet new international friends! 

Get a look at our living guide to discover more about how to get the most out of your Erasmus!

Pack your suitcase and get ready to live a truly unique Milan experience!


See you soon,

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