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Ready to take off! An unforgettable Erasmus in Madrid is waiting for you. 

Get ready to be amazed by this incredible adventure. Madrid, the Spanish capital city, will welcome you in its unique neighbourhoods made up by a multicultural and charming flair. 

The heart of the country will give you a memorable journey and we want you to enjoy every moment of it. That’s why we thought about some tips to get settled here by looking for apartments in Madrid, meeting new friends and enjoying the day (and night) life of the city.

Before your arrival 

Applying for the Erasmus program or for the new job is quite exciting, we got you! And here it comes the first challenge: searching an accommodation in Madrid - preferably with some months in advance, to get the perfect room or flat for you!  

Rooms in shared flats in Madrid

We are about to talk about the most important, yet stressful, part of this journey: flat-hunting.

There are a few things you should keep in mind; first of all, the budget, the area and the public transportation. Which kind of housing solution to pick? Well, the best way to deeply enjoy the Erasmus experience is renting a room in a shared flat, coliving with other young internationals. This will let you have both your own spaces and the joy of sharing your daily life with your new international family.

Get a Spanish SIM card

Don’t stop sharing your experience with your family and your friends back home! Before moving to Madrid, make sure that your mobile phone plan is valid in Spain (if you’re a European citizen you won’t have many problems, just reduced data); otherwise, if you come from a Non-Eu Country, we suggest you buy a prepaid card or a new plan: there are some cheap options such as Lycamobile, Vodafone, Orange, Movistar, etc.

To read everything about a the best Spanish SIM card deals for international students and expats, check out the guide to best Spanish SIM card deals for young internationals by Citylife Madrid.

Obtain a NIE in Spain 

In terms of legal permits, being an Erasmus student in Madrid won’t give you problem, cause you set everything through the agreements you signed at your university. If you plan to extend your stay or you are looking for a job here, you should know the few steps that will get legal and obtain the NIE in Spain (or TIE if you’re not European) for your stay in the country. Don’t forget that European people can stay up to 90 days in the country just using their ID or passport.

Get a look at this article collect the information to apply for your NIE in Madrid!   

Meet new friends in your Erasmus in Madrid

Excitement, worries, happiness, fear... these are just few of the mix of emotions that you are about to live. Erasmus will be all about adventures, multiculturalism and fun (loads of fun)! Furthermore, Madrid is such a vibrant city: you will fall in love with every narrow street, with the uncountable rooftops, with the hidden spots and the most lively nightlife. Madrid will always make you feel at home away from home!

The best way to knowing more people - even before your arrival - is to join communities on Facebook, looking for keywords such as “Erasmus in Madrid” or “Expats in Madrid”, and to live in a shared flat with other young internationals. 

For popular activities & events for young internationals in Madrid, check out the activities & events in Madrid agenda of Citylife.


Get a look at our living guide to discover more about how to get the most out of your Erasmus!

Pack your suitcase and get ready to live a truly unique Madrid experience!


See you soon,

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