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Greece, land of ancient gods, is one of the most popular and beautiful summer destinations in Europe. Greece is definitely worth visiting, but it has so many attractions that is quite hard to decide where to go. You could choose one or two islands (Cyclades such as Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Ios, the Ionian ones, such as Corfu or the biggest ones like Crete and Rhodes), or some interesting cities in order to explore famous cultural sights.

Many would say that travelling to Greece is not affordable, mostly made for people with expensive tastes, but that’s not true! You can live an amazing experience also accessible to budget travellers. Everything is about a good planning!

For those who are living in Italy, an alternative way to the airplane to reach Greece, is leaving from Apulia (the port of Bari or Brindisi) by ferry. 

Whichever is your final Greek destination, get a look at our tips and discover the best time to visit Greece.

What is the cheapest month to travel to Greece?

You can book the cheapest flights to Greece from November to January. This country has plenty of things to offer all year round. During the cold season, you could enjoy some cultural activities in the Greek outback, but if you truly want to have the ultimate travel experience in Greece, we recommend to go there when the temperature is hotter. July and August are the most expensive months, but, no worries, Greece has the perfect Mediterranean weather, therefore you could enjoy a great summer holiday time also in May, June or September, when things are not that overpriced!

Visit Greece on a budget

If you don’t know how to save money when travelling to Greece, here are some tips that you may find useful:

  • Travel off-season: if you have flexibility of time, consider to save money on flights, choosing the less popular months.
  • Look on internet for free walking tours in the cultural sights, especially in Athens.
  • Avoid hotels! An accommodation on Airbnb is equally comfortable but way cheaper! 
  • Choose overnight ferries to reach the islands; they take more time, but you’ll save a lot.
  • Visit the smallest yet amazing islands (Andros or Paros, for example, are a good alternative to the popular Santorini).
  • Stay away from touristic restaurants. There are so many good tavernas well known by the locals, probably they’re not seaside restaurants, but a little hidden in the outback: try to discover them and avoid the tourist traps!

Things you can't miss in Greece

This country is rich in history and culture, traditions, culinary heritage, leisure activities and entertainment, paradisiac landscapes and much more. You’ll find hard to choose the best things to do in Greece, but here are a short list of our top things you can’t miss. 


1. Explore the Acropolis of Athens

Cradle of democracy, witness of a glorious ancient history, the Acropolis of Athens is the main sights that no one can’t miss in Greece! We are talking about one of the most important archaeological features in the World. 

2. Try the Greek cuisine

One of the best things about Greek culture is its culinary tradition. When in Greece, forget about fast food chains or common restaurants. You need to try the typical Greek taverns, where heavenly delicious homemade food - made up by high quality ingredients - and house wine is served for a cheap price. 

3. Enjoy a breathtaking sunset in Santorini

Many say it is the most beautiful island in the world and we get why. Santorini is one of a kind: magical atmosphere, white houses, clear blue waters, outstanding landscapes and romantic views. If you decide to spend your holidays here, you can’t miss watching a sunset from the northern edge of the island (Oia) or, even better, enjoying it during an amazing boat tour.

4. Having fun in Mykonos

Mykonos is globally known for its amazing nightlife, but also for this exotic beaches and crystal clear waters. This island hosts so many lounge bars, clubs (in the main town and by the beach), gourmet restaurants that you’ll have the best time of your life!

5. Visit the sanctuary of Delphi

If you are a history and archeology lover, this is the right place for you. Greece hosts some of the most famous archeological sites all over the world and Ancient Delphi, with its sanctuary, is one of them. Everything in here was made in name of the god Apollo: temple. theatre, stadium. You’ll literally dive into history.

6. Get amazed by Epidaurus Ancient Theatre 

Ancient Greek were famous for their theatrical culture and many kind of performances techniques that are still used today. The place that witnesses this amazing millenary tradition is the ancient theatre in Epidaurus, famous for its great architecture and excellent acoustics.

7. Discover the medieval history of Rhodes

What makes Rhodes truly unique is its well preserved medieval architecture, one of the most beautiful in Europe. It’s totally worth visiting!


Greece is a must-visit destination on everyone’s bucket list, but if you are living in Bari (literally few kilometres away from Greece), you can’t miss a visit to this outstanding Mediterranean country.



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